ARB Airdrop Yield Strategy: How to Maximize Passive Yield as an ARB LP on Trader Joe

ARB Trader Joe

Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned. 

Last week, one of the most talked about airdrops in DeFi history, finally was announced by the Ethereum L2 team at Arbitrum. Arbitrum, an optimistic rollup-based L2 with $2.75B in deposited value, will begin the process of fully decentralizing its L2 network by releasing a token called ARB. With a total supply of 10 billion ARB, the Arbitrum token will be “majority community owned” at 56%. 11.62% of tokens will be initially distributed to users and 1.13% will be distributed to DAOs in the Arbitrum ecosystem during the Arbitrum Airdrop this Thursday, March 23 at 12:40 pm UTC, based upon data taken on a snapshot on February 6, 2023. If any of your wallets ever transacted or deposited to Arbitrum, you can check to see if they’re eligible for an ARB airdrop here.

Arbitrum Token

In my humble opinion, I think the distribution is slightly disappointing to not see more ARB going to the community vs the core team and investors, but this pie chart above does reflect what has become acceptable among new token distributions with >50% going to the community. I especially like the 1.13% of ARB going to DAOs who made Arbitrum the powerhouse L2 community it is today.

So what’s next? Assuming one is going to claim ARB this Thursday March 23rd, it’s likely there will be lots of trading activity around the ARB token, and what better way to earn passive yield on this activity than

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