Aurory Review by Jesse

Not much to say for this week in the cryptocurrency market. As most of the world is getting ready for the holidays there’s no denying the recent losses have scared many into selling. Not that it’s ever a right or wrong question, it’s always about what’s right for you. If a 20% drop in a week gives you night sweats then chances are high you’re overleveraged and it’s time to reevaluate your plan. Sticking with the growing Solana ecosystem this week we’ll be looking at a fun new play-to-earn game called Aurory. 


Aurory is a brand new gaming platform built and powered by Solana to create a magical metaverse of cute and interesting J-RPG-inspired creatures. Wanting everyone to discover the blockchain in a fun and educating way the Team at Aurory is focused on designing the best play-to-earn game ever developed. Solana is the very best place to launch such a game currently allowing Aurory to take full advantage of near-instant transactions and incredibly low fees to develop the game and a thriving marketplace on Serum to accompany the Aurory universe. Aurory intends to foster and grow its community through a regular stream of game-related content, development updates, promotions, and special events. The educational aspect of the Aurory universe will focus on teaching the basics of cryptocurrencies including Wallet Management, Self-Custody, Transacting on a Network, DeFi, and Staking to encourage and attract new players to the Solana ecosystem. With the developed AURY currency system usable across solo and multiplayer modes Aurory wants to create a real utility around their economic incentives not only in current games but in countless future games to come.

Aurory is already setting itself apart from many other gaming projects in development.

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