Aurory Review by Jesse

Not much to say for this week in the cryptocurrency market. As most of the world is getting ready for the holidays there’s no denying the recent losses have scared many into selling. Not that it’s ever a right or wrong question, it’s always about what’s right for you. If a 20% drop in a week gives you night sweats then chances are high you’re overleveraged and it’s time to reevaluate your plan. Sticking with the growing Solana ecosystem this week we’ll be looking at a fun new play-to-earn game called Aurory. 


Aurory is a brand new gaming platform built and powered by Solana to create a magical metaverse of cute and interesting J-RPG-inspired creatures. Wanting everyone to discover the blockchain in a fun and educating way the Team at Aurory is focused on designing the best play-to-earn game ever developed. Solana is the very best place to launch such a game currently allowing Aurory to take full advantage of near-instant transactions and incredibly low fees to develop the game and a thriving marketplace on Serum to accompany the Aurory universe. Aurory intends to foster and grow its community through a regular stream of game-related content, development updates, promotions, and special events. The educational aspect of the Aurory universe will focus on teaching the basics of cryptocurrencies including Wallet Management, Self-Custody, Transacting on a Network, DeFi, and Staking to encourage and attract new players to the Solana ecosystem. With the developed AURY currency system usable across solo and multiplayer modes Aurory wants to create a real utility around their economic incentives not only in current games but in countless future games to come.

Aurory is already setting itself apart from many other gaming projects in development. With its beautiful and high-saturation environments, all visuals in Aurory are hand-drawn in 2d animation. Aurory begins with a Hero Trainer in a side-scrolling adventure game where you Helios must fulfill quests and talk to various residents of the world to complete a robust and fulfilling storyline. Throughout your time in Aurory, you’ll need to fight many battles against creatures known as Nefties. These Nefties populate a world called Antik which is filled with relics and forgotten artifacts waiting for the player to discover. Nefties are incomplete and only show themselves to those human Heros they find worthy of validating their existence. In return for this companionship, they offer humans their incredible unlocked powers. During sleep, Nefties are vulnerable and prefer to stay securely inside their human wallets. They are always on the lookout for strong and worthy humans and are on a constant quest to better themselves through combat and duels with other trainers in Antik. Like Pokemon, players will roam the game world discovering new Nefties and using their Wallets to catch them. Get the best team, train them to adapt to any situation, and form new strategies on your way to becoming the next Aurory legend. Every species of Nefties has its own strengths and abilities, giving them many strategic roles in combat: from brute force to team support, defense, sabotage, and manipulation. It’s all up to you, the trainer, to find the best Nefties with the strongest synergy to build a dream team ready to follow you to the ends of the world and defeat every other trainer that stands in your way. The solo mode gives the player an opportunity to learn about blockchain through a guided story-rich single-player experience. Giving the opportunity for everyone to earn their first Nefty and Trainers for free. This PvE experience will continually be improved by the Aurory Team to include new stories, quests, characters, and adventures for the player. After spending time in the open world of Antik and putting together your best team. You can then take the challenge to a global level and compete in a competitive PvP battleground to earn incredible in-game rewards and cash prizes. Through a mixture of one on one battles, special modes, and ranked tournaments players can climb the leaderboards to claim their place at the top. Combat is free of long load times and starts as soon as the matchmaking is completed. Battles feature a draft system that allows you to predict your opponent’s strategy and react accordingly by finding the right counters. Changing the order of Nefties in your team to surprise your opponents will make all the difference between victory and defeat. This battle system consists of a 3-Nefty squad built by each Trainer in a turn-based tactical RPG-style battle. Victory goes to the first player to successfully drop all Nefties in the opposing team. Each Nefty includes its own set of special abilities to use and with every action taken, advanced versions of these gradually unlock introducing new devastating effects and strategic options to the battlefield. Determine the best strategy for the moment and use clever chain reactions to defeat your opponent before they defeat you.

You’ll be able to enjoy both PvE and PvP experiences, up to the tournaments, without spending anything! The single-player campaign will provide you with everything to get you up and running in the game for free, with no paywall, and no unpleasant surprises. But, the end goal is to compete competitively in the PvP environment. Joining tournaments require staking the native AURY token to give players the best chance to maximize their rewards. Monthly tournaments will reward the top players and will be tiered based on skill level and games played. Special elite arenas will challenge veteran players, with even greater rewards. Unlike in PvE, any defeated Nefties will disappear and be gone…forever. This allows top-level players to continually nourish the ecosystem as they improve via strategic experimentation in their battles. Meanwhile, it also creates more fair opportunities for up-and-coming players. A golden ticket is required to enter the Aurory Championship tour, which is earned by either being victorious in ongoing tournaments or being one of the lucky few PvE players to be rewarded a ticket during battles. Players can also choose to forgo any tournament and sell their Gold ticket to another Trainer instead. Eventually, players will be able to get a piece of land in the game world. Lands can be used for respawning or teleporting, allowing you to cover great distances within a short amount of time. Additionally, owning land unlocks the ability to generate dungeons for you and other players to explore. Dungeons will appear on the world map and are generated randomly every week. Every plot of land will have its own rarity and custom traits that determine the types of rewards it will contain as well as the odds of a dungeon appearing. These land rarities are classified into Common, Advanced, Rare, and Legendary. Other players can also gain access to your Dungeons by paying a small fee. With a percentage of that fee going back to the Landowner.

The Token

Aurory started by releasing 10,000 generative NFT avatars minted using the Solana Blockchain on August 31st, 2021. Each of these NFTs, called Aurorians, was composed of random traits that made each avatar unique with a minting price of 5 SOL ($500 USD) at that time. Also, 70 separate Aurorians were randomly pre-minted by the team, to give one to every team member, advisors, but also to do several giveaways soon as well. While these Aurorians are not necessary to play, they do offer some unique advantages for someone looking for a head start. These currently come at a high premium with a floor price of 18.5 SOL ($3,500 USD) due to roughly only 10% being made available from the total mint and the rising price of SOL since being released. Following the release of Aurorians, Aurory conducted its IDO on October 21st, 2021. Releasing the AURY token directly from their website without any intermediaries or launch pads. They also made a conscious decision to not make the previously released NFTs any type of Whitelist Key that instantly enabled entry or specific distribution. Through a Mango Market-inspired offering this sale sold 7% (7 Million AURY) of the 100 Million Total Supply. The rest of the supply is distributed as 4% Liquidity, 7% Ecosystem Fund, 15% Team & Advisors, 18% Seed Round, 24% Treasury, and 25% Play-to-Earn Mechanics. Seed participants carry a 3-month cliff and 2-year vesting period while the Team carries a 6-month cliff and 4-year vesting period. Following a month after the IDO Aurory announced their Staking mechanism to the public with a less than stellar APR. Hearing the community feedback and only after enough AURY tokens had been locked, the APR was increased. This also created a new opportunity to allow longer staking periods (12-months) and allow for exponentially greater APR (150%) in return. The Team is working on a middle ground currently to allow for tokens to also be locked into shorter (6-month) time periods for better APR.

The Founders

The Aurory Team is composed of more than 30 employees from the gaming and cryptocurrency industry. With former experiences in studios like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and other reputable companies, they’re proud to have one of the most experienced teams in the entire play-to-earn ecosystem. Because of the structure around how a video game is developed and deployed there’s not as much use for your standard level of executives. At least not without multiple titles to manage yet. Currently, Aurory has all the right people it needs to produce an amazing gaming experience for its users. Combining some of the more needed talent required, Aurory boasts over 50 years of gaming experience between just the Executive Producer Jonathan Campeau, Studio Head Yann Penno, and Creative Director Stephan Cermignani.

Market Impacts

Following TGE on October, 21st AURY has maintained a fairly standard level of price discovery. Releasing around $14, AURY ran up to its all-time high of $23 the following week. This of course came with a brief amount of selling that drew the token price down to $13 before recovering above $20 again. Unfortunately, this came right at the same time as Bitcoin breaking below the previous moving average. Resetting AURY back to $13 once again where it’s slowly beginning to recover with everything else and now sits around $15. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next spike in interest causes the price to turn the previous levels around $20 into the next level of support when it happens. Since there’s still not a game to play we can expect these prices to remain relatively low. Aurory has only 9.5% of its Total Supply in circulation at the moment to give it a Market Cap of $140 Million and place it around #400 in total project ranking. The liquidity pool for the AURY is fantastic with listings across FTX, Kucoin, Raydium, Serum, and Orca and receiving around $5 Million in Daily Volume. While there’s no complete roadmap available, the team is currently working on the Game Launcher and pre-production testing to include a single and multiplayer alpha candidate program being developed for the Q1 2022 release with Season One anticipated for release in Q2 2022. Aurory has found a massive social media presence already with a Twitter following of 160k and a Discord server of almost 60k members. It’s obvious there is a long line of players patiently waiting to enter the world of Antik.


No immediate concerns were found when researching Aurory.


Aurory has some serious fun factors going for it. Tapping into the already massive Pokémon crowd, Aurory is catering directly to a younger audience and using the world as a tool for educating. While a variation of this was presented by Pigzbe a while ago. It convoluted the process by requiring extra proprietary hardware wallets to use the service. This takes that same idea but hides it behind an easy, free-to-play battler game. A genre in gaming that has only been expanding over the last decade. This simple-to-play formula doesn’t need extensive hours to master the basics. Instead, its almost mind-numbing simple fighting mechanism enables any level of gamer to zone out and enjoy the game. As seen recently with the global explosion of Axie Infinity battler, Aurory has a clear roadmap for what it’ll take to be a better and more rewarding experience for players of all levels.

Until next time, remember that the only guarantee is BTC. So keep stacking that Satoshi.

-Jesse Koz

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