DASH – The Direct Descendant of Bitcoin


What is DASH?

Created in 2014, the DASH Network is a direct descendant of Bitcoin, making DASH kind of like Bitcoin's 2nd cousin. While DASH and Bitcoin are very different cryptocurrencies, they shared some of the same basic principles at the beginning of their life cycles. Those similarities have separated over time and now DASH has very few things in common. The association between DASH and Bitcoin stems from DASH being created as a copy of Litecoin, which is a copy of the Bitcoin Network.

DASH was developed to rival Bitcoin when it was first released to the community, known in the Bitcoin community as XCoin, and renamed Darkcoin for a brief moment before settling on the name DASH in 2015. DASH is not related to the popular delivery service DoorDASH despite its familiarity with namesakes. The name DASH simply stands for “Digital Cash”. While both DASH and Bitcoin have full transparency through the use of open-source code and a worldwide community of self-funded developers, that’s about where the similarities end in 2022.

DASH currently has over 50,000 daily users with an average of 8,000 unique transactions made every day, making it one of the most widely used Blockchains in the world.


Differences Between DASH and Bitcoin?

There are several good arguments to be made on why some consider DASH to be a better cryptocurrency than Bitcoin in 2022.

Private Transactions

For starters, DASH has private transactions made available through the use of its PrivateSend feature. A feature not “yet” available on the Bitcoin network. This is something that many consider a requirement every blockchain

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