DODO Report by Jesse

Hello and welcome to another edition of Wealth Mastery Coin Review. While the last few days have seen the majority of altcoin portfolios in the red. A few golden tickets have still come out this week with Icon, Dash, The Graph, Ravencoin, and Amp all producing 100% plus gains this week. Making quite a few bag holders very happy they held through the crypto winter and showed that some old dogs still have a lot of bites left in them. This week we’ll be looking back into the Defi space with a newer exchange and liquidity provider protocol called DODO.


DODO is a next-generation on-chain liquidity provider, which leverages a new Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm to provide pure on-chain and contract-fillable liquidity for everyone. By accepting various liquidity providers’ assets, it gathers funds near market prices to provide enough liquidity. To cut the counterparty risks for LPs, DODO adjusts market prices to encourage arbitrage interjection and LPs' portfolio stabilization powered by this new Proactive Market Maker algorithm. This PMM algorithm leverages price oracles to retrieve accurate market prices of assets as input. Then acts to provide enough liquidity near the market price for every asset. The result being that liquidity decreases rapidly when it's far away from the market pegged price. With a PMM curve being flatter than the traditional AMM curve near the market price, PMM can possibly provide higher fund use and lower slippage. Making prices provided by PMM more favorable than AMM. With most funds gathered near the market price, this allows for more frequent trading and increased fund use. As an

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