Dopex Review by Jesse


Welcome to this week’s coin review! With a new Bitcoin all-time high just minutes away at the time of writing, Moonvember looks to be kicking off without a hitch. Sidelined blockchain Kadena has been put into the spotlight this week with its 150% run. Trailing behind is Loopring with 100% gains and stepping to the top for the first time in almost a year with 80% gains. Being the least expected runner is kind of a homage to previous bull runs. With the biggest winners and top gainers almost never turning out to be who the market expected. Testifying how important diversifying your portfolio across different blockchain use cases can be when money is being thrown at everything. Today we’ll be looking at what’s still considered a newer use of DeFi with options trading on Dopex Protocol.



Dopex Protocol is a decentralized options exchange protocol that aims to maximize liquidity, cut losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers. Without requiring the user to learn any new technologies. Dopex operates in a passive manner for all liquidity contributing participants. Option pools available for all options on Dopex allow anyone to take part and deposit base/quote for their respective pools to gain passive income from option writing. Dopex also enables the purchasing of discounted options through liquidity pools which could then be arbitraged for an instant profit. A unique rebate mechanism allows for option writers to gain a superior return in comparison to writing naked options or hedged option writing strategies of any type. Dopex options are built to closely mimic

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