How to Make a Good Crypto Portfolio?

Good Crypto Portfolio

When To Sell Your Crypto?

One of the biggest problems that you can have as a new crypto investor, is figuring out when to sell your crypto. The only thing that truly separates the winners from the losers in crypto is those who click on the sell button and those who do not. Failure to take profits is an absolutely critical error that many crypto investors make. The assumption in a bull market is that coins will go up forever and they do not. And when a bear market comes, many investors who watched their investments soar will then watch them come back down to earth and perhaps even sell at a loss when the fear sets in. 

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Crypto Tax Guide | What You Need to Know About Crypto Taxes

Taxes suck! But what sucks, even more, is not taking taxes seriously and then getting slammed with disgusting tax bills that you can’t pay. And I want to be very clear on something, tax regulations vary dramatically from one place to the next. You will almost certainly want to connect with a local accountant who actually understands crypto.

Some of the things I am mentioning in this crypto tax guide may apply to you, some may not. This should not be mistaken for professional tax advice. Instead, think of it as important topics to look into and learn more about. But one thing is absolutely for certain, tax collectors around the world have crypto in their crosshairs and they will be coming for you! 

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10 Common Crypto Mistakes To Avoid

What are the most common crypto mistakes that investors make and how can you avoid them? The bad news about crypto investing is that you will make a lot of mistakes. The good news is that other people have made those mistakes already and you can learn from their pain to avoid repeating these mistakes yourself. So let’s dive into some of the most common mistakes that investors are making! 

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7 Tips to Manage Your Risk In Crypto

Crypto is a very high risk market. Scams, volatility, hacks, exploits, and just straight up failure rates remain very high. It is thus essential to protect yourself as an investor in this asset class. One of the best ways to do that is by taking risk management seriously. 

One of the most common mistakes I see with investors is failing to manage their risk. And to be clear, everything you can do financially is a risk, including sitting in cash. The question becomes: what kind of risks are you willing to take and are you taking enough or too much risk? Too little risk, and you can dramatically underperform the market, too much risk, and, well, you can lose it all. 

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How to Build a Great Crypto Portfolio 

Learning to build a great crypto portfolio is the final step in putting it all together and achieving success. However, if you take the wrong approach, you can quickly run into trouble. Too aggressive and you are basically signing up to get rekt! Too conservative and you will probably underperform the wider market. The trick is to find a balance where you can reduce your overall risk while maximizing your gains. And while there is no “perfect” portfolio out there, there are some approaches that will be more likely to put you on the winning side of the equation. 

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  1. Hi ,
    Im just a starter, so as a beginner I really had a doubt, why it’s get up when I sell , and it get down when i put buy, and moreover i come to know the reason but still sometime repeating the same mistake by hyper excitement / tension, and want to know which crypto is good for shot time trading, thank you .

    1. We are often out own worst enemies in trading. You must learn to be a bit contrarian and buy low and sell high. Not the other way around. Fomo and greed at the highs, and fear at the lows will tell you to do the opposite. No one crypto is dramatically better than others for term trading. Altcoins have more volatility though, so some may consider those better compared to Bitcoin and ETH.

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