Monthly Crypto Alpha Report – December 2022

Monthly Crypto Alpha Report - December 2022

Market Roundup

Sometimes in crypto it can feel like everything you do is wrong. That kind of sentiment is so typical in a bear market. In a bull market everyone is a genius, and in a bear market an idiot. But the truth is that we all make mistakes when it comes to investing. We never sell enough when times are good, and will fool ourselves into thinking that the bad times will last forever. 

But this bear market has hit almost everyone in one way or another. Crypto investors got hit hard, but also everyone else. It is not a crypto specific thing. This is the everything crash driven by tightening monetary policies. And if you think that your altcoins are looking bad, then just have a look at this selection of devastated stocks. YIKES! 

And the crazy thing is that we can still see lower prices coming in for basically everything. While no one knows for certain, the truth is that many macro factors still point to volatility and uncertainty in markets leading into 2023. So proceed with caution. 

That all being said, money is still being made in crypto. Albeit the opportunities are fewer and further between. So let’s dig in. 

Top Airdrops of the Month

While it is unclear if testers will get any airdrop, Polygon’s zkEVM is in the final testnet. You can check out how to hook up to the network blurContent();

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