NFT Tools and Savage AMA

NFT Tools by Sam

As we head out of 2021 (the year of the NFT, according to some people) and into uncharted territory (also known as 2022), markets can seem saturated, and there’s no shortage of generic PFP collections. This says to me it’s a good idea to consolidate into established collections, or if buying a new PFP-type project, to find high quality, one-of-a-kind artwork.

But what I’m far more interested in for the moment is utility, and if it’s utility relating to a gaming project, then all the better.

While hype might ebb and flow, I expect the next year and beyond are going to be all about ambitious teams trying to build out gaming and metaverse type environments, and the majority of NFTs that have staying power will be integral to these kinds of projects.

NFT Tools and Savage AMA - - 2023

Oh and by the way, a mega-yacht just sold for 149 ETH. That’s about $650,000, which is cheap for a mega-yacht, except it’s not a real boat, it’s a boat in The Sandbox. And if that wasn’t astonishing enough, some plots of land in Axie Infinity and Decentraland sold for upwards of $2 million each.

<h3 id="igo-launchpads“>IGO Launchpads

In case you’re not sure, IGO means Initial Game Offering (following on from ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs), and IGO Launchpads are platforms through which you can invest early in blockchain gaming projects. Follow what’s happening on these platforms and you’ll know what new games are coming along, and how they’ll be utilizing NFTs and tokens.

Some launchpads to take note of are GameFi, Seedify, Enjinstarter, Gamestarter, Trustpad, and the upcoming Blokpad (within the Bloktopia ecosystem).

<h3 id="sidus-nft-heroes“>Sidus NFT Heroes
NFT Tools and Savage AMA - - 2023

An epic-looking, space-based RPG game. Sidus appears as though it will incorporate pretty much everything that everyone is currently excited about: an IGO, in-game tokens, NFTs, high quality production and gameplay, DeFi, play-to-earn. You name it, basically. As a project from which to begin exploring the potential of Web3 gaming, this seems to have it all.

<h3 id="blockade-games“>Blockade Games
NFT Tools and Savage AMA - - 2023

Blockchain gaming studio Blockade Games is definitely worth keeping up-to-date with. It’s founder is Marguerite deCourcelle, who is well known in the worlds of crypto and NFTs, and it just received funding from gaming/VC company Animoca Brands to expand the Neon District RPG into something metaversal.

<h3 id="pavia“>Pavia

The Cardano-based metaverse project released another 31,000 land plots, taking Pavia up to 60,000 plots minted from a planned total of 100,000. Demand outstripped supply but not everyone was happy with the drop, with complaints that bots did some of the buying.

Either way, plots can be picked up on secondary markets and if you own land then you’ll be eligible for an airdrop of the upcoming native token, scheduled for some time in December according to the roadmap.

Also of note is Pavia’s interest in cross-chain operability. They’ve acquired land in both Decentraland and The Sandbox (both Ethereum-based) and there’s talk of some kind of portal.

<h2 id="nft-tools“>NFT Tools

It’s not the approach for everyone, but if you’re wanting to regularly flip NFTs, then it’s necessary to keep on top of everything that’s happening with drops, sales and hype, and that can be hard in an arena as chaotic as the NFT space. There are some tools to help you out though, so here are some of the most useful.

<h3 id="cryptoslam“>CryptoSlam

There’s no nonsense with CryptoSlam, as it collates large amounts of data and presents it in a simple format for you to use as you wish. Simple and invaluable, it should be at the top of your bookmarks.

<h3 id="nansen“>Nansen

As an analytics platform, Nansen has everything you need, packaged up in an easy-to-use way. It analyzes on-chain data and presents it on quickly readable dashboards. You can follow transactions and how funds are flowing, and track wallets. On the negative side, it’s expensive.

<h3 id="icy-tools“>Icy Tools

If Nansen seems a little costly, you might want to try Icy Tools, as it has many free functions, and then you can pay for further services if it seems like something you want to get more out of.

<h3 id="dappradar“>DappRadar

This is an immense product, tracking and analyzing dApp and NFT data across several blockchains. You can use DappRadar to follow influencer wallets, and also to manage your assets. Interestingly, the company just announced that it will be launching its own token.

<h3 id="zapper“>Zapper

If you want an easy-to-use tool that gives you an oversight of all your wallets across different blockchains, and the worth of your collection, then Zapper is a great service, presenting all your assets on one dashboard.

<h3 id="etherscan“>Etherscan

This is a blockchain explorer that allows you to see exactly what’s happening at any time on the Ethereum network. Etherscan is free to use, and while it’s not visually inviting, it lets you get straight at the raw data.

<h2 id="tezuka-osamu-nfts“>Tezuka Osamu NFTs
NFT Tools and Savage AMA - - 2023

One for the Japanophiles and manga fans out there, this launch really stands out. From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu is an NFT art project based on work by the pioneering and hugely influential early manga artist, Tezuka Osamu.

1,000 generative art NFTs go on sale on OpenSea from December 1st to December 8th, and one unique Astro Boy mosaic NFT will be auctioned on OpenSea from December 3rd to December 6th. The striking pieces bring together classic manga art and blockchain technology, which is fitting, because science and technology were recurring themes in Tezuka Osamu’s work.

Savage AMA

For anyone not familiar what is SAVAGE?

SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for photos and videos!

What does your token do?

$SAVG fuels our creator economy and helps maintain a carbon-neutral marketplace. From staking and community rewards to DAO governance, the SAVAGE token helps us revolutionize content monetization!

What is the potential market for photo and video NFTs?

Massive! 7 Billion people have a camera in their pocket. The new iPhone 13 Pro shoots photos and videos almost as well as a professional camera. It’s insane and the tech will only continue to evolve. Legacy platforms have needed a refresh for decades and blockchain/NFTs have started that process in other art forms. Now we are bringing it to the photo/video world. 

What is your plan to onboard users? 

We are working with some of the top KOL’s, creators and PR agencies in the world to realize this vision. At the end of the day though, we want the fairness and transparency of the marketplace to stand on its own, everything else is marketing to just let people know it exists and we have some of the best marketing money can buy!

What experience does the team have to make this vision into a success?

We are all content creators ourselves so we have developed personal connections with major brands, other creators and our audiences over the years. Understanding the market and where the inefficiencies lie has helped us create SAVAGE in a fair and ethical way. We have created a platform that is fair to people like us and that will always be our perspective. 

Who are your biggest partners and what do they bring to the table?

Faculty Group is our biggest partner. As our incubator and seed investor they were the first in the crypto space to see the potential and believe they could help us bridge the gap between legacy and blockchain. Beyond that we are teaming with the Crypto Climate Accord to ensure we remain carbon-neutral and we are in continuous discussions with some of the biggest brands in the world to enter the NFT space.

What comes next for SAVAGE?

We are proud to announce IDO dates of December 15th with OccamRazer and FantomStarter! Then exchange listing in late December and marketplace launch shortly after that! Please follow us on our socials to learn more and stay up to date!


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Combining cutting edge insider insights and done-for-you market analysis to deliver crypto investors the best opportunities to grow their wealth, stay ahead of the curve, and avoid costly mistakes! We cover DeFi, NFTs, Altcoins, Technical Analysis and more! 

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