Parsiq Report by Jesse

In the midst of your YouTube viewing the past few weeks. Like myself, you might have been lucky enough to finally get a break from all the Ethereum giveaway ads and get something new for a change. This week we found a new project making it’s sponsored ad rounds and had to take a deeper look. Catching my interest and already showing signs of a quality project, this week we'll be looking at Parsiq.


Parsiq is the new next-gen monitoring and intelligence platform created for use in many Blockchains. With Parsiq, users gain access to many useful product features like tracking assets in real-time, being notified about occurrences around a specific blockchain network, processing on-chain data, and combining it with off-chain data. In this system, there are two primary functional groups of business use cases. "Parsiq monitoring" which allows building complex and customizable monitoring solutions in an easy to use format and "Parsiq protect". A crypto alarm for your portfolio built on top of the Parsiq ecosystem. With blockchain transactions happening in near real-time, and transactions pushed through as soon as each block is confirmed. Not all platforms provide a means of monitoring these transactions, especially for offline wallets or those managed on platforms that do not provide instant notifications. With Parsiq’s automation systems, these alerts can provide the much needed information about transactions as they happen. This alert can even be configurable to detect blockchain activity as early as the mempool level, meaning users can get alerted of upcoming transactions even before they are confirmed on the blockchain. Parsiq users can also be alerted by mobile notification about any market data, risk data, and security events like a hack or unauthorized outgoing transactions from your

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