Premium Investor Report #285

Premium Investor Report #285

GM friends,

Welcome back to another Premium Investor Report!

I've been busy tweaking the portfolio this week so let's not waste any time.

Let's go!

Here's what's in today's issue:

  • My portfolio updates.
  • Jesse has a deep dive on Lumerin, the hashpower marketplace.
  • Sam has the top 3 NFT drops.

For any crypto related questions please comment on the website. 

Buys and Sells 

I exited the cbETH, MKUSD, and wsteth pools on Prisma Finance.

I used the MKUSD to buy more Prisma. I also claimed my venture round on Prisma. All of this has been locked in Convex Finance. It is earning an insane 90% APR right now. 

I claimed my KEX and ELU. Both tokens that I was certain were dead and which I had written off. They are back from the grave. More things for my portfolio. Oh yay… 

Going to need to do some trimming soon and consolidate some positions. It is getting out of control. 

One move I am considering is swapping all of my CRV for PRISMA. Love my CRV bags, but there is a lot more upside potential for Prisma. Might do this in the next few days. 

Oh, and I also sold HIGH from venture distribution.  

I invested in two venture plays at the private round stage 

  • Arcana is a web3 app chain with some very cool features. 
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