Premium Investor Report #311


Gm frineds,

Welcome back to another Premium Investor Report.

It was another highly active week inside my portfolio so let's get right into it!

Here's what's in today's issue:

  • My portfolio updates.
  • Jesse has a deep dive on Aerodrome Finance: The biggest DEX on Base Network.
  • Sam has the top 3 NFT drops.

For any crypto related questions please comment on the website. 

Buys and Sells 

I have liquidated my EGLD bags this week. It was time. It feels good.

Perhaps this one of those sales I will come to regret, but it felt like time to move my money around.

Hype narratives can change fast in this market, and I would not be surprised to see it get that at some point, but I can always rebuy later if need be. 

After reading Jesse’s report on Base coins last week I decided to buy a small bag of BENJI.

I want to get more exposure to BASE. I have a short list of ideas for doing that including buying BRETT and AERO. But, for now the risk reward of buying BENJI made sense. So I aped.

I am watchlisting the other two coins for now. And, unrelated to BASE, but Render is also still on the watchlist. 

I bought a few more ETH of PUFF on Mantle and minted my red potions, basically staking them for more rewards. So far, so good

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  1. Still learning. What’s the cheapest way to get on Base in AUS? I’ve got ETH on SWYFTX, but transferring that to Metamask on chain is expensive, and then again to bridge to Base. Would USDC be cheaper? Open a Coinbase acct in AUS and transfer fiat to that?

    1. There will be different chances to vote, so up to you. However if you want deeper info on tactics and stuff like that then perhaps you may consider engaging with the aero community on telegram or discord

  2. Hallo Lark, hope you all good 🙂
    Just wondering where you buy yours Basenji token from.., did you use Base bridge or or Definitiv network ?
    I newer conect my metamask to any network, just usniswap in the past.
    I’m always afraid that I will be hack. I’m Just ,, normal dude,, 🙂

    What you think about connecting to Definitiv..?

    1. Hey, there are a few ways to get money on base such as using Coinbase or using a bridge like jumper or rhino.

      Once there you will find many options. I think I used uniswap or aero drome. Can’t remember right now. But definitive could work too

  3. Hi Lark. When it comes to airdrops (eg. Wormhole, do you consider the 12 month CGT 50% discount? Not sure if this applies to you? Any reason behind the desire to sell quickly? Cheers, Ep.

    1. That does not apply to me where I live. If it did then maybe I would think differently.

      For me when I sell an airdrop shortly after getting it, usually it is just to lock in the cash and to try and keep my portfolio tight and to not let it get too big and out of control

  4. Hi good people. I watched your BRC20 thoughts this morning but you didn’t mention the SRC20 standard or STAMPS. Unlike BRC20’s Stamps can NOT be pruned at the mempool. You could mint SRC in March 23 for 100 USD of BTC for 100,000 stamp. Current price is 0.13c AUD per stamp. With the potential of further ETF’s coming for BCH outside of BCHG, the threat of pruning could push BRC onto BCH due to a larger block making it more profitable to mine ( same SHA256 ) with less difficulty, making SRC the new standard on the BTC network driving Stamp price up. Unlike BRC, SRC sits within the UTXO thus impossible to prune and potential less bloat on the network. Thought?

    1. Yes, also interesting. The ordi video was not meant as a big guide on the bitcoin token ecosystem. Stamps could be big, but I haven’t done much research o they yet

      1. All good and was not having a go at all. Just have nobody to discuss thought. Recent BTC convention in oz I was called a sh:tcoiner just for mentioning something other than BTC, very funny.

    2. To add, I’m no Maxi on any one crypto ,but I feel that while all are looking to the right at an Eth ETF, BCH is looking interesting. BCHG is trading at a premium in sat value to $ asking the question, who is buying BCHG that can’t buy regular BCH on exchange due to potential regulation issues if they did so. Eth ETF or not, there is a lot more product to sell if questions arise in regards to network activities making Eth a more difficult/ confusing product to move from investor point of view and that of the advisor. Maybe, after a CME future product comes a spot for BCH. A spot BCH could see a potential rise in price giving the network new life, maybe. Miners may also benefit running older rigs on BCH that are not up to spec mining BTC thus a recycling effect due to an extremely low hash rate for BCH. Move BRC off BTC to BCH via the introduction of pruning This would increase miner revenue atop of block rewards potentially making BCH more viable to mine. As you kno, BCH is an easy sell with BTC as they came from the same basket, but like gold to silver. It ma just be a very low cap gem to the powers that be to make a lot of money off. I’m no Maxi but I do live the BTC/crypto standard. Thoughts?

      1. BCH and LTC are both good candidates for an ETF, I don’t like either one, but it is still true. I can understand the thesis behind BCH and seeing it pump, but personally feel like there are better places to park my cash, but if you think there is an edge there and you can make money then go get it haha.

        1. Yeah it a wild fundamental play I took on 12/1 this year hedged heavy with you know. From a mining perspective you could co mine LTC and DOGE but they use the Scrypt algorithm. This would require a totally different ASIC altogether making BCH the more practical choice of the two. Thanks for the chat. I love bush and crypto 24-7-365 an have nobody to discuss the topic of crypto with. I stay away from SOCMED as there are way too many attack vector’s IMO. It was worth joining just for the chat.

          1. Sorry, that was meant to read I live bush and have nobody to discuss crypto with. Now red faced. I’m currently in the process of set up for minting a unique style of donation NFT. Domain is secured, just waiting on a new clean computer specific for the project and start tasking from there. Is it possible to chat private in regards to discuss various aspects of the project?

  5. Hi Lark, what about Parcl farming, is that still good?
    I am thinking of putting that usdc into something else, maybe more dym staking for airdrops.
    What are your thoughts?

    1. Hey, Parcl is feeling a bit late with the airdrop coming soon IMO. Dym, it remains to be proven how profitable the airdrops will be. Keen to see how it plays out.