Rally Report by Jesse

Bitcoin has had an absolutely phenomenal week increasing more than 15%. But, unlike the previous moves seen throughout the rise and fall from $63,000, Bitcoin isn't bringing anyone else significant along for the ride right now. Ethereum hasn't moved much all week, and aside from DOGE meme coins and something literally called "Magic Internet Money", everything has broken their previous Bitcoin correlation in this week’s rally. It’ll be interesting to see how long this will hold for and where profits will be moved if Bitcoin crosses over $63,000 and begins moving to $70,000. Getting into this week’s review, we’ll be looking at a social networking platform, designed to help develop and monetize a creator's value called Rally.


The Rally Network enables creators, artists, celebrities, communities, and brands to launch their own social tokens and NFTs. Rally leverages blockchain technology to offer creator communities a new form of support that removes the need for any third parties. With Rally, creators will be able to issue their own fully customizable, branded cryptocurrency called Creator Coins that represents their unique digital brand to provide value and utility to their fans. Creators will then have access to an easy-to-use blockchain toolkit powered by Creator Coins enabling them to create scarce collectibles, content, and loyalty programs within a healthy tokenized economy. Rally works great as both a fundraising tool for community driver projects to raise capital as well as those who wish to tokenize and monetize their existing community to incentivize moderators, editors and publishers. With no crypto knowledge required to create a Coin, anyone can buy Creator Coins within minutes using just a credit card. With Rallys ability for coins to be integrated into apps across the web, Rally hopes to

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