Synthetix Perps OP Rewards for 20 Weeks: Get Paid 93% APY to Trade on Kwenta


Disclosure: DeFi Dad shared he does hold the KWENTA token and was a seed investor in Polynomial. This is neither a recommendation nor endorsement to buy KWENTA or any token mentioned. This tutorial is for informational purposes only and should not be the basis for any investment decisions.

Three weeks ago on April 19th, Synthetix launched their Perps Optimism Trading Incentives program. As one of the earliest DeFi protocols to pioneer derivatives trading on-chain and to make the leap to L2 with Optimism, this program is designed to encourage new trading activity for Synthetix Perps. It allocates OP rewards to traders across these Synthetix Perps trading frontends, according to the fees paid by traders.

We’re currently in Week 3 of the 20-week OP rewards program.

  • 100k OP rewards were distributed to traders during Week 1.
  • 100k OP rewards were distributed to traders during Week 2.
  • This week, starting May 3rd, another 100k OP rewards will be distributed.
  • Then, starting May 10th for 17 weeks, 300k OP will be rewarded weekly.

Given we’ve previously covered Kwenta perps trading, it’s worth noting Kwenta is offering an additional 30k OP in rewards for Kwenta traders through the completion of this program, as well as additional KWENTA token rewards according to this recent Mirror post

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