Premium Investor Report #248

Premium Investor Report #248

GM friends. 

Has anyone checked in on Uncle Gary? Because he just took another fat L from the U.S. Federal Courts, and I’m concerned. 

Pour a double-shot for this one. You’ll need it. This is your mid-week crypto update.  ☕️☕️📰

Here's what's in today's issue:

  • David & Sam share their thoughts on Grayscale’s big win against the SEC, Vanguard investing heavily in BTC miners, Genesis closing a debt repayment deal, Pepe devs rugging funds, the new crypto tax proposal in the US, Omen backing Bitcoin, Hashdex taking a new angle on a spot BTC ETF & OnlyFans hops on
  • This Week On Chain.
  • Rekt Capital has the latest technical analysis for you on the market. 
  • This week’s trending coins by Rebecca
  • Erik has a report for you on whether is a get-rich-quick scheme for influencers or a new breakout use case.
  • Defi Dad has a tutorial for you on how to earn with boosted Alienbase LPs on Beefy Exchange.
  • Jesse has a ton of hot new airdrops for you.

For any crypto related questions please comment on the website. 

U.S. Court Orders SEC to Re-Review Grayscale’s ETF Application

It’s the court decision we’ve all been waiting for.

On Tuesday morning, the D.C. Court of Appeals ordered the SEC to re-review Grayscale’s previously rejected Bitcoin ETF application.

Bitcoin shot up 7% on the news, as

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