Solana’s Mic Drop Moment

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It’s been a week of dynamic duos.

First, there was Coinbase and Circle.

Now, it’s Solana and Shopify.

This is giving bull market vibes already. Are YOU ready?

Let’s go! Welcome to your weekend wonderland of crypto news.

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Here’s what’s in today’s issue:

  • Rebecca shares her thoughts on Solana teaming up with Shopify, BRICS has 6 new members, Base and Optimism make a decentralization pact, Binance FUD & Robinhood could be stockpiling BTC.
  • Altcoin alpha by David.
  • This week’s airdrop by Jesse.
  • Sam has an NFT report on Beeple.

Premium Subscription highlights this week:

  • Airdrop Farms: This week, my Premium portfolio section is full of airdrop farming tactics that I’ve done to set myself up for some possible free crypto in the future!
  • Altcoin Report: Jesse has a deep dive on the top 5 altcoin gems from Binance Labs.

The News Now

🤝 Solana Steps Up With Shopify Integration

Solana Pay has integrated with Shopify and has been added as a payment option.

That’s a big freakin’ deal.

It could be massive for crypto adoption. Cos you know, it’s Shopify.

Shopify makes up 10% of total e-commerce in the US and creates $444 billion worth of global economic activity.

Solana’s transactions are cheap and fast, already attracting big names like Circle, Phantom and Checkout to Solana Pay. Hello, Shopify.

A screenshot of the Solana Pay integration with USDC where a $100 transaction is occuring.

Here’s everything you need to know about this killer partnership:

  • Shoppers can now buy stuff on a Shopify store using USDC (more tokens may get added in the future such as SOL and BONK)
  • Solana Pay will replace the traditional 1.5-3.5% processing fees with an almost fee-free rate using Solana Pay
  • Direct payment settlement of USD with the bonus of no transaction fees throughout 2023
  • Shopify stores can set up NFT loyalty programs giving Solana Pay customers a discount
  • Any Solana wallet that’s integrated with Solana Pay (like Phantom, Glow and Solflare) can connect to the Shopify plug-in
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Solana Pay joins other crypto-related payment apps including Coinbase Commerce, Strike and BitPay.

The beauty of blockchains is no intermediaries, bank fees or holding times, making this partnership perfect for payments. The only downside is Solana’s reputation for network outages. And especially in the business of blockchains, reputation is everything. Solana reported 100% uptime in Q2, so let’s hope for their sake the good times continue.

A bunch of crypto projects have already agreed to integrate Solana Pay into their Shopify stores such as Helius, Mad Lads and MonkeDAO.

🌍 BRICS Branches Out With 6 New Members

The BRICS coalition is inviting 6 new nations to join project “World Dominance.”

Out of the 23 contestants…I mean countries…that have formally applied for membership, the 6 lucky winners have been chosen. Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be allowed to join BRICS from 1 January 2024. 

China’s President, Xi Jinping, has said the expansion is “a new starting point for BRICS” and will strengthen “a force for world peace and development.”

What he really means is a strengthening force for control. Control of natural resources.

The US may be the world’s biggest oil producer for now, but…Saudi Arabia is No.2, Russia is No.3, China is No.5, Iran is No.7, UAE is No.8 and Brazil is No.9.

This will more than double BRICS’ share of global oil production to 43%. Altogether, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

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It looks like we’re on the cusp of the collapse of the Petrodollar.

We’re yet to find out if BRICS will instead say hello to the Chinese Yuan, Bitcoin, a gold-back currency, or something completely different. But a shift in geopolitics looks inevitable at the rate of the BRICS expansion plans.

Is this the end of the Petrodollar? Reply to this email and let me know.

👊 Base And Optimism’s Decentralized Pact

Base, Optimism and Coinbase are putting on a united front.

Despite the recent flops of $BALD and All in the name of decentralization. All three camps are committing to keep Base from becoming centralized by announcing a revenue-sharing and governance-sharing agreement.

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Here’s the details:

  • Base’s smart contracts can only be upgraded via a multi-signature wallet account, with the consent of the Optimism team
  • Governance will eventually be handed over to a security council with reps from all chains within the ecosystem
  • Base will share revenue with the Optimism Collective by paying them either 2.5% of its revenue or 15% of its profits in return for OP tokens
  • Coinbase will not custody or control the crypto that users have on Base or change the order of the transactions

️ Binance Keeps Getting Choked

Binance FUD is everywhere right now. But one thing’s for sure, Binance on and off ramps are getting choked.

Binance has temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals via SEPA payments in Europe. This comes just days after UK-based credit card processor Checkout ended its payments partnership with Binance.

Then Mastercard announced the ending of its crypto card payment program with Binance in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and Bahrain from September 22.

This currently allows users to convert crypto into fiat and earn 8% cashback in crypto. Binance just can’t catch a regulatory blow-back break.

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But it’s MoonPay to the rescue, at least for US users, as it regains ramps.

After dollar deposits were suspended from Binance US in June, users can now access USDT via MoonPay to convert into other crypto tokens.

👀 Another Theory On BTC Wallet No.3

ICYMI: Bitcoin has a new whale in town.

$3 billion worth of BTC in 3 months makes this whale No.3. We’ve already uncovered two theories about this mystery whale. Now here’s a third. 

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Arkham Intelligence believes they know who the mystery whale is.

According to their team of researchers, it’s drumroll please…Robinhood. Arkham has the wallet labelled as “Robinhood: Jump Trading Custody.” 

A screenshot of a computer

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This certainly fits the narrative that exchanges own Bitcoin in excess. But who is Jump Trading and what do they have to do with Robinhood?

Jump Trading is a trading firm that executes crypto trades on behalf of Robinhood, as reported by Bloomberg. But it’s still anyone’s guess as to whose wallet it belongs to.

Altcoin Alpha by David

Existing Projects / Tokens

  • Compound [COMP] is now live on Base. Users can deposit ETH or cbETH to borrow USDC on the new Ethereum L2. Compound is the OG DeFi lending protocol on Ethereum. 
  • Injective [INJ] just introduced INJ 2.0, with the main feature being a weekly burn mechanism for its native token. This should improve INJ’s value proposition. We last discussed Injective in June when the network launched its open liquidity program. Injective is an L1 blockchain built for DeFi. 
  • Rollbit [RLB] just opened its “Degen Exchange” to the public. According to developers, the Degen Exchange aims to make token swapping extremely easy, and Rollbit has ambitions to “become the crypto platform for everything.” We featured Rollbit August 12th with regards to the platform’s buy and burn program. Rollbit is a popular crypto-based online casino. 
  • Synthetix [SNX] V3 is headed to Base, per a governance vote. When we last looked at this protocol in July, we discussed Synthetix’ incorporation of Chainlink’s CCIP into it’s operation. 
  • UNIBOT just released Unibot X, a unified trading terminal that’s now free and available to the public. Unibot is a Telegram trading bot program that offers a menu of enhanced trading options for users. 
  • Yearn Finance [YFI] is gearing up for a v3 launch, which will bring a host of upgrades to the protocol, including full permissionless access, 24/7 yields, customizable fees structures, and periphery contracts. Yearn Finance is another OG DeFi protocol on Ethereum. 

New Projects / Tokens

  • FluoFinance [FLUO] is an up-and-coming project that describes itself as the first omnichain decentralized market making protocol for perpetual DEXs. Developers say the protocol will allow liquidity providers to earn some of the highest APRs available on the market. And they teased a 3M FLUO airdrop this past week.

Airdrop by Jesse

DeBank is a DeFi portfolio and wallet project that utilizes the most trusted sources of on-chain data to create a robust dashboard for all traders. Debank allows you to compare swap prices and other important trading information in one place without needing to manually jump from one DEX to another.

DeBank also has a social element to it where users can interact with each other and generate posts about their favorite projects. Similar to Minds and Steemit, users can earn rewards based on the quality of their posts. DeBank has not launched a token yet which has led the majority of users to believe that an Airdrop is imminent.

To make sure you don’t miss out, head over to DeBank and Create an Account using your Metamask or other Web3 wallet. Once you’ve signed into DeBank find your way over to the Account Section and Register your DeBank Layer 2 Account. This will require enough ETH to pay for gas. Additionally, you can also choose to Mint a Web3 ID on DeBank for $96. While this isn’t necessary, DeBank has limited minting to only 100,000 ID’s for now.

Check the Rewards Section often and participate in various events to earn a portion of the USDC prize pool.

Who Is Beeple by Sam

Digital artist Beeple soared to fame after the record-breaking sale of his work Everydays: the First 5000 Days at Christie’s, and has subsequently become highly influential in the NFT space.

His prolific, ongoing body of work provides a running commentary on tech, crypto, politics and current affairs, and his newly opened Beeple Studios is an important venue for creative work and live events.


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Solana’s Mic Drop Moment - - 2023

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