The Best NFT Tools

nft tools

The NFT space can be overwhelming at first, with countless new projects dropping every day across multiple chains, and it isn’t always clear exactly why one project suddenly explodes in price and hype, while others fall by the wayside.

This isn’t to say that price is the only thing that matters, and there are plenty of collectors who buy according to their own preferences, but whatever your reasons for picking up NFTs it’s a big advantage to have some tools at your disposal, so here are some of the best NFT tools out there.

The Best NFT Tools for Discovery

Twitter & Discord

Ok, these are not exactly hidden away at the fringes, but they are the two platforms that come in most handy when it comes to assessing new NFT projects, keeping up to date with projects you’re invested in, and generally just picking up on what’s going on.

When you find a new project, you can immediately check their Twitter and get a first impression of how active they are, how many followers they have, and what kind of engagement they receive.

One thing to be careful about is that almost any tweet offering free NFTs or crypto will get huge engagement, so look beyond just those tweets, and be wary if you only find those tweets.

If a project catches your attention then join the Discord to get more details, find out about new developments more quickly, and to keep on top of what might be planned for the future. You can also get a good sense of what kind of community is building up around a project.

One warning is not to get too carried away with hype in the Discord, and be cautious if the talk is only of floor prices and ways to boost returns. FOMO plays a major role in prices rising, of course, but the best projects go up in value longer-term because they’re good quality.

In general, the more that you dive into Twitter and Discord, the more that you’ll begin to pick up on news and information about upcoming projects that are not yet on everyone’s radar.

The Best NFT Tools for Portfolio Management


best nft tools

It’s great to be able to keep track of your assets all in one place, and Zapper, a portfolio tracker, is perfect for that. Connect up your wallet and Zapper will display all your assets, including your NFTs, on a user-friendly dashboard. That includes displaying current floor prices, the estimated value of your tokens, and total net worth of your wallet.

Zapper also acts as a kind of one-stop DeFi point. Through Zapper, you can access and use a variety of DeFi protocols, simplifying processes such as swapping tokens and yield farming.

Dapp Radar

tools for nfts

A very comprehensive site, with a vast array of tools and services. Dapp Radar deals with all kinds of decentralized applications, not just NFTs, so if you want everything in one place–NFTs, DeFi, tokens, portfolio management–then it’s a great resource.

It also publishes articles, analysis and commentary in its blog section, so it’s a good stop for crypto content too.

The Best NFT Tools for Analytics


the best tools for nfts

Cryptoslam is basically, a huge page full of cleanly presented data. You can quickly see what’s happening in terms of sales volume, on individual collections, and across blockchains, and there’s deeper analysis if you want it.

NFT Scoring

nft scoring tool

NFT Scoring has a lot of market data in real time, presented in an easy to access manner. It has some interesting features, including being able to sort collections by growth, see how many whales (meaning wealthy buyers who hold a lot of NFTs) are buying into a collection, and measure a collection’s community activity based on their Twitter and Discord engagement.

There’s also a dedicated whale tracking function, giving you insights into what the big players are doing, but for that you have to buy premium access.


nft scoring tool

With Flips you can track floor prices in chart form, with clearly visualized data that makes it easy to read a collection’s price history and movement.

In addition to all these applications, some other tools that are popular and well worth taking a look at are Nansen and Icy Tools, and you might also come across Etherscan, a blockchain explorer through which you can see exactly what’s happening on the Ethereum network.

The Best NFT Tools for Solana

Solana Floor

nft tools for solana

With Solana Floor, you can check sales volumes, floor prices, changing trends, and other data, with collections ranked by total floor value. You can click through to each collection and get more detailed insights on easy-to-read graphs and charts.


solana tools for nfts

Hyperspace (formerly Solanalysis) is a platform that works as an aggregator, allowing you to see data and easily trade NFTs across Solana marketplaces.

There’s also Solscan, which is similar to Etherscan, but for Solana, allowing you to track what’s happening on the network.

The Best NFT Tools for Cardano

CNFT Analytics

cardano nft tool

CNFT Analytics looks a little sparse, but this resource gives you NFT volume and sales data from within the Cardano ecosystem.

CNFT Tools

nft tools on cardano

There’s also a site called CNFT Tools, which gives you a rundown of projects ranked by their sales volumes, and acts as an aggregator, showing you which items are listed across the Cardano marketplaces.

The Best NFT Tools - - 2024

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Want to maximise the returns on your crypto investments? Join The Free Wealth Mastery Report to Receive Weekly Insights on Altcoins, NFTs, Airdrops and DeFi!

The Best NFT Tools - - 2024
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