Top 3 Solana NFTs

Solana is quickly becoming the new home of NFTs. The dirt-cheap minting and trading costs are definitely luring in the speculators. So, with that in mind I, wanted to highlight some Solana NFT projects which NFT flippers may want to check out.

First let’s talk about some existing collection that have caught my eye.

1. Aurory

Solana NFT

Aurory is play to earn JRPG backed by Solana, Alameda, and Animoca Brands. Could this be the Axie Infinity of Solana?

2. Trippy Bunny

Solana NFT

Trippy Bunny has some cool art and is quite “rare”, compared with only 1,111 bunnies in existence. For reference, many popular sets these days have come closer to 10,000.

3. Galactic Geckos

solana nft

Galactic Geckos is a pretty cool collection of profile picture art. They are calling themselves a social adventure club. Some are saying that this could end up being a blue chip NFT for Solana. Be aware that it is already up massively.

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