Wealth Mastery – Issue #66

Welcome to Issue #66 of Wealth Mastery


In this issue:

I share some Solana NFTs to keep an eye on.

Defi Dad has a tutorial for you on how to earn 36% on Curve Finance via Avalanche.

Rekt Capital breaks down the Bitcoin price action.

Jesse has a review for you on the altcoin Brain Trust which is a freelance job market place backed by the biggest names in crypto.

The team from the Solana based Port Finance join us to talk defi.

A quick reminder that all research and market analysis is provided for educational and informational purposes, and should not be considered as financial advice. You are ultimately responsible for your investments and trades, and they should only ever be entered by those who understand the risks, are willing to lose their entire investment, and properly understand how to manage their risk.

Also, every issue will contain more information, tips, hints, and analysis than you can make use of. Wealth Mastery is a tool, you are the craftsman. We are not a signal or pump group, we are a tool shop, you decide what information shared here has value to you or not.

As always, feel free to reach out to me by responding to this email with your comments or questions.

The Big Recap

The market is going wild this week. All eyes are on Bitcoin as the big guy gets ready to go on a run. A move which the market has been anticipating for some time.

The SEC has delayed decisions on 4 Bitcoin ETF applications. They don’t really have any good reason for doing it, except that they can and that the SEC doesn’t want to see spot backed BTC ETF products. Rumors are continuing to circulate that October could see a BTC Futures ETF approved.

Defi darling Compound Finance has been exploited, twice, with the hackers releasing more than a hundred million worth of COMP tokens. This serves as a reminder that all of defi is essentially an in-production experiment. This is why risk management and insurance are both so important.

US regulators are once again stating their desire to rein in stablecoins. In fact, the SEC issued a subpoena against Circle, the maker of USDC this week. (Full story) There is a proposal to get stablecoins to follow the same rules that banks need to follow. In other regulation news the massive US infrastructure bill has been postponed until the 31st of October. The regulatory scene continues to develop, and it is not all bad, which is good.

Uruguay, Tonga, and Brazil have all announced intentions to regulate crypto. These announcements range from allowing for payments in Uruguay to potentially go the legal tender route in Tonga. Pandora’s box has been opened. The scramble to adopt crypto is underway.

Solana NFTs

Solana is quickly becoming the new home of NFTs. The dirt-cheap minting and trading costs are definitely luring in the speculators. So, with that in mind I, wanted to highlight some Solana NFT projects which NFT flippers may want to check out.

First let’s talk about some existing collection that have caught my eye.

Aurory is play to earn JRPG backed by Solana, Alameda, and Animoca Brands. Could this be the Axie Infinity of Solana?

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Trippy Bunny has some cool art and is quite “rare”, compared with only 1,111 bunnies in existence. For reference, many popular sets these days have come closer to 10,000.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Galactic Geckos is a pretty cool collection of profile picture art. They are calling themselves a social adventure club. Some are saying that this could end up being a blue chip NFT for Solana. Be aware that it is already up massively.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Now let’s talk about upcoming NFT mints which you may be able to get in on the ground floor. These provide higher gains potential than existing collections, but also higher risk.

Cosmo Kitties is a play to earn treasure hunt game. The mint for these is coming “sometime” in October.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Dexterity is a collection of hand drawn, but digitally rendered art pieces. There will be 3,100 pieces in total. Also “coming soon”.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Kam1 is a set of 8,888 Japanese anime-inspired profile pictures. Kind of reminds me of ON1, which ended up being a rather successful launch on Ethereum. The mint is happening in a few hours, so act fast if you want in.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Rogue Sharks are, well… profile pictures of sharks in fancy dress. Mint is happening on the 9th.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

What should you do if you miss the mint? Well, watch for them to hit SOLANART, many collections are listing for barely more than mint price at launch. You may even be able to scoop up a rarer NFT at a bargain.

As always, the NFT space is wildly volatile and speculative. Please, exercise caution and manage risk when buying NFTs.

Top 5 Play-To-Earn Games

This year has shown tremendous leaps in what Blockchain can do for gaming. With many more games on the horizon and products being developed by some of the industry’s biggest heavy hitters for 2022, this party is officially just getting started. If you thought the recent NFT craze was a circus, just wait for the first major AAA studio-backed game with tradable cross-chain assets to step into the club. In this article, we’ll be looking over some of the best games with the biggest communities and best play-to-earn opportunities released so far.

Axie Infinity

I can only hope that at least a handful of you took my article on the release of Axie Infinity and ran with it. In that article, I explained in detail how you can earn up to $200 a week playing Axie Infinity when the price of AXS was hovering around $0.60. Since then, Axie Infinity has gone on to become the single largest game in the blockchain space. Crushing every opponent in its path, AXS has now accumulated more network effects and market capitalization than all other blockchain games “combined”. What makes this even more impressive is that the game’s entire ecosystem migrated from Ethereum to Ronin right in the middle of the hyper-bullish price appreciation. Unsurprisingly, everything went off without a hitch, and users now pay what amounts to dust in transaction fees to play and trade Axies and SLP. Usually, there’s a cooldown period after such a tremendous appreciation in price in such a short timeframe. But that’s certainly not the case for Axie Infinity with its easy-to-play and easy-to-earn game mechanics. While not nearly as lucrative now, the number of new players being onboarded is not showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon. Meaning, there’s still a lot of opportunities to pick up a few Axies and start earning those Smooth Love Potions. 


It’s only recently that Decentraland lost its blockchain gaming crown. Prior to the release of Axie Infinity, Decentraland flew the flag of being the first and largest game developed on Ethereum. Launched in 2017, Decentraland set out to build the first decentralized gaming economy, where the community permanently owned all assets associated with the game. This started a VR gaming experience like no other with strong philosophical roots, based around a fair and shared economy. Since then, Decentraland continues to make larger leaps forward every year. The Second-Life inspired universe of customizable assets and community-built cities feel more like an interactive piece of art than a game at times. Decentraland blends this fun and fiction flawlessly between those who just want to hang out in virtual meetings or party in the nightclub with other crypto enthusiasts, free from government or entity oversight. It says a lot about a project that can maintain the largest, most expensive NFT art exhibits in the same room as die-hard Bitcoiners. Financial politics aside Decentraland is still at the start of its journey with a record $900K plot purchased for the development of the first interactive online mall. Soon, you’ll be able to do your Christmas shopping in Decentraland and have everything delivered right to your front door. In this interactive world, MANA is the lifeblood of the entire economy, and the Decentraland Foundation regularly holds contests to create art, games, applications, and experiences, with prizes contingent on meeting a set of milestones. New users are also assigned allowances when signing up, enabling them to participate in the economy immediately with no out-of-pocket costs. Early last week Decentraland announced its new Play-to-Earn incubator to develop and distribute even more rewards to users and grow the Decentraland economy. 

The Sandbox

Recently announcing their official Alpha build after a year in development is The Sandbox. The Sandbox is an Open-World NFT based universe that draws heavily from the art style of Minecraft. The Sandbox is best known for its two smash mobile hits The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution (2016), which generated 40 million downloads across iOS and Android. In 2018, developer/Publisher Pixowl decided to bring this successful user-generated content gaming IP and community of creators from mobile to the blockchain ecosystem. The Sandbox combines three separate elements with VoxEdit, Marketplace, and Game Maker. VoxEdit is just how it sounds serving as a design tool for assets you create called Voxels. The marketplace allows users to upload, publish, and sell their creations. While the Game Maker enables anyone to create fully interactive 3D environments without any coding experience through the use of visual scripting tools. Earning elements in The Sandbox come in the form of SAND tokens, Land Ownership, and Assets (ERC-1155) created by users in VoxEdit.   

Yield Guild Games

While not a blockchain-based game exactly, Yield Guild Games operates as a Play-to-Earn DAO for investing in gaming NFTs. YGG made it on this list as they’ve been front and center to provide every play-to-earn opportunity in the space so far. The organization’s mission is to create the biggest virtual world economy through community-owned assets. To do this YGG has invested in the startup of multiple gaming economies including The Sandbox and Axie Infinity. If you take into consideration that eventually gaming assets from The Sandbox can be used in Decentraland and vice versa. It makes all the sense in the world as to why a gaming DAO is a perfect place to earn passive income in this new economy. To YGG the play-to-earn movement represents not just an industry lifeline but a revolutionary new model of employment. To begin earning on YGG you’ll need to head over to the website and mint your “Guild Badge”. After that, you are officially a member of the Guild and able to participate in ongoing airdrops of new NFTs, like the $1M YGG is using to purchase Star Atlas assets. This also enables you additional rewards on top of those already earned playing various blockchain games in the YGG DAO. If you are of the competitive spirit all the better, YGG regularly participates in competitive events announced in gaming and rewards guild members who place high in the leaderboards with additional YGG tokens as every guild should.


Don’t worry, I won’t blame you one bit if Blankos Block Party hasn’t arrived on your radar yet. While not being marketed as a blockchain game, Blankos has recently transitioned to the blockchain with the latest release of their Marketplace last month. Prior to this, Blankos operated in a buy-only mode with the ability to purchase assets, but no means to sell. Operating like this since its release last November, it hasn’t made its way into a lot of community discussions yet. All of that is about to change very soon as Blankos is primed to be one of the largest blockchain games with servers in over 100 countries. Created by the team at SkyMavis Blankos bring experience from some of the biggest names in gaming like Ubisoft. Blankos takes the popular and collectible Funko Pop figures and injects them into a Skylanders, Disney Infinity universe. In Blankos users create entire levels from scratch similar to the well-known LittleBigPlanet. These user-created levels are then uploaded for everyone to play with their Blankos. Unlike the current blockchain games available, Blankos has a visually stunning and immersive story tale tangled into it. The ability to earn while playing Blankos comes in the form of the purchase and resale of limited edition, limited run, numbered Blankos figures. Since the market has opened up to a broader audience the recent “drops” have provided a very lucrative earning opportunity. Allowing participants to purchase $20 Blankos the minute they drop and sell them at a serious premium between $400-$600 based on the series number issued within the following 24hrs. 

The trick to maximizing this profitable opportunity is to make sure you are online in the Blankos game. This is key to getting the drops when released. You’ll need to have the Blankos Bucks already purchased using your CC and in your account, before the drop is set to release so you only have to click one button when the new Blanko is released. This will allow you the best opportunity before they’re all sold out and has helped me to achieve issued numbers in the single digits for a few drops. If you attempt to purchase a new drop via the Marketplace website then expect to be disappointed when they’re all sold out in the middle of having to navigate three separate web pages before being able to purchase. Keep in mind this strategy is only for the limited-run Blankos of 1,500 or less. Non-limited edition Blankos are generally available for 30 days before a new one is rotated in.

My Portfolio


I moved back out of the Saber Sunny farm on Solana and back into Port via their USDT pool, I am also farming a little bit of ORCA.

The Curve tBTC pool has dropped from 14% to 0%… sigh… back to the drawing board. My experience with farming with wrapped Bitcoin has been pretty unimpressive so far. Fees on Ethereum are crushingly high, and yields for BTC are generally so low it is not worth the risk, nor is it worthwhile considering insurance fees.

I put more ETH into Celsius.

I bought a good chunk of Moon River.

I sold my Linear Finance. For about a 75% loss. Ouch. The entry was a mistake because I forgot to set a stop loss. Have been holding it for a long time, but have lost interest in it and decided to do a tax loss harvest instead of holding on longer.

Bitcoin (BTC) 33.2% (Long-Term Investment) I currently have about half in cold storage, although, I may move more out soon. Currently, about 15% is in Celsius.

Ethereum (ETH) 24.2% (Long-Term Investment) The majority of my Ethereum is in Yearn Finance’s stETH pool, Tokemak, and about 15% in Celsius.

USDC (USDC) 12.4% (Stable Yield Tool and Dip Buying Chips) My USDC is mostly being lent out in Celsius, Anchor (in UST stablecoins), DYDX, and Tokemak. I am also farming in Mercurial Finance, Orca and Port.

Elrond (EGLD) 6.5% (Target is $1,000 per coin) I am staking in the Maiar wallet.

Polygon (Matic) 4.7% (Will Sell Half at $5, and Exit Completely at $10) I am now lending in Celsius

Polka Dot 3.4% (Will get my capital out at $100) I am staking on both Kraken and Binance.

Ramp 3.1% (Aiming for a billion-dollar market cap, at which point I will likely exit my entire position) My coins are staking in their platform.

Binance 2.1% (Just riding this, but $1,000 per coin seems like a good zone to derisk and sell out a good chunk) I am staking my BNB via the exchange.

Luna 1.8% (I think due to the mechanics this coin can be worth a few hundred, but will get my capital out at $100)

Wilder World 1.7% (Basically an all or nothing bet, will sell at a billion-market cap)

Tokemak 1.2% (Hoping for a 10X on this one, but that depends on a lot of factors to go right)

Moon River 1.1%

Ethernity 1.1% ($100 is my target, but if the market turns, I am not wedded to this bag)

Injective 1.1% (Potential multi-billion cap coin, will watch the progress and look to sell at new highs)

Port Finance (PORT) 0.8% (I am farming this)

Bridge Mutual 0.7 % (I would love to see this get back to all-time highs which were $5.50) I am staking and holding. Very bullish on insurance in general.

Kylin 0.5% (90% under the ATH, ouch, Chainlink has really dominated the oracle space, that being said this is a Polka Dot specific oracle with a Web3 grant. I will probably exit at $1 if it gets back there)

Terra Virtua 0.4% (Will probably do a full exit at $1)

Polka Dex 0.4% (On a wait and see with this one, if they can perform then it has big potential)

ShopX 0.2% (95% under ATH, ouch, I think I will exit this at $1)

Mercurial Finance 0.1% (One of my few Solana ecosystem plays, big potential if Solana takes off, $5 would be a nice area to shave this)

Note: I am not including any coins like Occam, APY Finance, and Konomi that fall below the 0.1% threshold, but which I do hold tiny amounts of. Also, please note that this does not include coming releases for token sales, which I have participated in, such as Sifchain, Alice, Persistance and others. I have also not included future releases in my totals, for example Injective, of which I am currently holding my tokens, but will receive more in the future. The percentages will fluctuate from week to week, based on the dollar value of the coins. But I have highlighted any updates to positions in italics. Also please note that the sale targets on coins are a general guide only, and things will change in the wild, but it gives you an idea of what I am thinking of in regards to these assets and taking profits. Please note that for almost all of these altcoins I have already removed my initial capital and in many cases significant profits.

In Case You Missed It


The fifth biggest bank in the USA has announced they are offering Bitcoin custody services. Source


Kucoin is the latest to join the growing list of exhanges banning Chinese users. Source


Compound Finance mistakenly sends out 70 million dollars’ worth of tokens. Source


Tik Tok is working with Ethereum and Immutable X for scaling its NFTs. Source

BTW the Immutable X token unlock is happening on the 19th.


Terra’s Columbus 5 upgrade is now live. Source


Societe General Bank is making a proposal to put bonds into Maker Dao. Source


Switzerland is issuing a crypto stamp on Polygon. Source


Axie Infinity has launched staking. Source


Cardano’s venture arm Emurgo is launching a plan to fund 100 African startups over the next 3 years. Source


Zilliqa Bridge has launched on mainnet. Source


Hashflow will launch their public pools in November. Source


Kattana closed Beta has launched. Source


Coinbase customers have been the victims of a phishing attack that drained over 6,000 accounts. Source


Starkware mainnet coming in November, this is great for the future of layer 2. Source


US regulators are once again saying that stablecoin issuers need to be regulated like banks. Source


Dex aggregator 1inch has blocked American users. Source


Polka Starter 2.0 has been announced. Source


Tokemak has approved the first 5 tokens for their token reactors. Source


Parallel Finance’s Heiko won the 10th parachain slot on Kusama. Source


Occam has presented a demo of their decentralized exchange. Source


Moneygram has announced they are allowing USDC to cash conversions in collaboration with Stellar Lumens. Source


Chainlink is working to deploy the first South American fiat stablecoin for the Colombian Peso. Source


<h2 id="new-airdrops-&-opportunities“>New Airdrops & Opportunities

To reiterate how important some projects take their bounty bug programs, this week Belt Finance, a stable swap AMM protocol that incorporates multi-strategy yield, optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has paid out $1,050,000 to a whitehat hacker who discovered a critical vulnerability in the protocol, which put more than $10 million of capital at risk. The payout was made as a part of the bounty program launched in July with Immunefi, the leading crypto bug bounty and security services platform, protecting over $50 billion in users’ funds. The payout was made as a part of the bounty program, launched in July with Immunefi.

CryptoTanks is a play-to-earn platform, where every NFT is 100% usable in their gamified DeFi ecosystem. CryptoTanks allows the player to delve into a world of nostalgia and experience the power of the new technology of the crypto world and GameFi. CryptoTanks is giving away a total of 12,500 TANK to 250 lucky participants. Sign up for the Airdrop and complete simple social tasks to get up to 71 entries. A total of 250 winners will be randomly selected to win 50 TANK tokens each.

WOO Network is airdropping a total of 500,000 DODO to WOO stakers. Create an account at WOO Network and stake WOO to be eligible for the airdrop. A snapshot will be taken every week, with the first snapshot being taken between October 8th to October 14th. Eligible stakers will receive free WOO proportionally to the amount of WOO staked by the user, compared to the total amount of WOO staked on WOO X, at the time of the weekly snapshot ending on December 30th. Users in restricted countries will need to use a VPN when signing up.

Decentralized lending protocol for individuals, institutions, and protocols to access financial services C.R.E.A.M Finance is a permissionless, open-source, and blockchain agnostic protocol serving users on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Fantom. To celebrate the beginning of a new exciting journey with C.R.E.A.M Finance, Origin Protocol, and Battle for Evermore they’ll be giving away four Heroes of Evermore NFTs, for the first text-based NFT-MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) adventure game. The final snapshot for users borrowing and lending OGN will be taken on October 8th. One lucky winner will receive an exclusive HoE NFT! One Heroes NFT will be released each week for four weeks during the Airdrop

Boba is an L2 Ethereum scaling & augmenting solution built by the Enya team as core contributors to the OMG Foundation. Boba is a next-generation Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution that reduces gas fees, improves transaction throughput, and extends the capabilities of smart contracts. In collaboration with Omisego BOBA tokens will be airdropped to OMG token holders as of the snapshot date of November 12th, 2021 on a 1:1 basis. The Airdrop snapshot will take place at the first Ethereum block with a timestamp greater than or equal to 2021/11/12 00:00 AM (UTC). The airdrop itself will occur one week after the snapshot date, on November 19th, 2021. 

In collaboration with Coinmarketcap;

Unbound finance is a decentralized, cross-chain liquidity protocol that is building the next money lego by unlocking the liquidity from AMMs. The protocol is the ‘First-Ever-Debt-Free Liquidity Provision System’ that collateralizes LPTs to generate synthetic assets including UND and uETH. The protocol charges no interest rates and is liquidation-free. Unbound announced this week they’ll be Airdropping 1,000 rare NFTs to random Airdrop participants that allow an allocation in the upcoming Crowdsale. It is also the only guaranteed option for participation in the token sale currently. This drop opportunity ends on October 30th, 2021.

Bitorbit is built for influencers who value their privacy and for those who want to eliminate more middlemen and gatekeepers. For influencers who want it all without having to sacrifice one aspect for another. Users can just add a link to their preferred social media so when community members follow the link they’ll be prompted to pay for the influencer’s exclusive content. Bitorbit will be Airdropping 40,000 BITORB to 3,000 lucky participants during the event ending on October 25, 2021.

<h2 id="ongoing-airdrops-&-opportunities“>Ongoing Airdrops & Opportunities

StormGain is an all-in-one crypto trading platform, built to embrace convenience and simplicity. StormGain is airdropping 25 USDT to new users who create an account at the platform. Enter the promo code “BONUS25” while signing up and make a deposit of at least 100 USDT to the trading account in order to receive the bonus. Users in the USA will need to enable their VPN in order to sign-up.

Grand Time is a multi-functional, decentralized, community-driven crypto ecosystem designed with a clear vision to put cryptocurrency and blockchain into the mainstream. Grand Time is Airdropping 500 GRAND to users who sign up and complete simple social tasks. Create an account at Grand Time, Join their Telegram group, and post a message. Follow them on Twitter and retweet any tweet. Like this Youtube video and subscribe to their channel. Follow and like their Facebook page. Follow them on Instagram and like the last post. Then submit your details to the bot and receive rewards. A total of 33 additional random participants will also be selected to win up to 20,000 GRAND.

GemGuardians is a new NFT-based card game that runs on the Binance Smart Contract network. Conceptualized and created by the GemGuardian Games development team based in the Philippines, the game is set to make massive leaps in the DeFi gaming community. Whitelisting has just become available for Testnet and participants interested in earning NFTs during the event can join the Telegram Channel and fill out the Participation Form..

Collateral platform Persistence is Airdropping their PSTAKE governance and fee-sharing tokens for the pSTAKE protocol to various ecosystem users. A snapshot was taken on September 2nd, 2021 of early users of pSTAKE, XPRT holders/stakers, Persistence’s Cosmos Hub stakedrop campaign participants, ATOM holders and stakers and SushiSwap, Curve Finance, and Aave users. A total of 6% of the total PSTAKE genesis supply will be distributed to all eligible Airdrop users.

GameInfinity is a blockchain game hosting platform that breeds collectible assets called Stones just like the infinity stones. GameInfinity is Airdropping free GAMEIN and BNB/ETH to various bounty participants. Create an account and connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet to automatically get 100 tokens. You can then participate in completing simple Social Media, YouTube, Bug, and/or Written Bounty tasks to get a share from the total token pool. 

HurricaneSwap is the first cross-chain trading protocol based on Avalanche and is Airdropping 1 Million HCT tokens among community members for testing their platform. All participants need to do is follow the Testnet Tutorial outline to turn a portion of their Testnet tokens into mainnet tokens 14 days after the official TGE.

Binance announced they’ll be selecting 20 Monthly Stars each month from August to October. With the Top 10 selected from amongst the 60 total Monthly Stars in their Most Valuable Builder Program. This incubation program aims to accelerate new and emerging startups and mentor them on the processes they’ll face navigating the blockchain startup process. 

*Updated: Binance has now selected the August Stars and distributed $1.5 Million Dollars in BNB to them. 

The Binance Affiliate Content Program is now available to content creators and influencers beginning in September 2021, with all participants minus the top 10 creators receiving 300 BUSD guaranteed for eligible submissions each month. Create and share content with your audiences to earn up to 3,000 BUSD per month.

<h2 id="top-15-trending-coins-this-week“>Top 15 Trending Coins This Week
Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Here are my key takeaways from the trends this week.

1 – UFO is a play-to-earn NFT game with one of the devs from Shiba involved. Has all of the bells and whistles farming, earning, NFT land, and IDO launchpad.

2 – Wall Street Games is back after a long absence from the list.

3 – Shiba is back! Up 64%, and still 64% under all-time highs… There is a coming airdrop for Leash holders.

4 – Unmarshal just launched an NFT indexer.

5 – Smooth Love Potion is an element of the Axie Infinity gaming ecosystem. The potion allows you to breed new pets. It is still hanging on in the top 15. In fact, it is insane that SLP has been in the top 15 for months straight, which is quite rare for a token. With the mega rise of the primary AXIE asset speculators are jumping on board the SLP train, but keep in mind that SLP is a farm and dump token, so there is a lot of sell pressure here.

6 – Axie Infinity, the wildly popular play-to-earn game, is back and rising in the charts. This game is insane. It has just surged to a new all-time high.

7 – Plant VS Undead is a play-to-earn game on BSC. This one is starting to fall a bit in the charts. Many of these games undergo attention cycles and then as rewards slow the attention slows. We have already seen many games surge to the top spot only to be totally forgotten about a few weeks later.

8 – Spell is the goverance token for Abracadabra money. The price has been going crazy!

9 – Binance’s BNB token has been a top trending coin since basically forever. This is primarily driven by demand for access to the Binance Smart Chain. While everyone gets very excited about Solana and others, the reality is that right now BSC is killing it in terms of users, total value locked, and hot new releases. It is still the second most used chain after Ethereum.

10 – Avalanche is getting a lot of attention right now from the market. Good yield farms, big backers, and a big ecosystem fund are driving this higher. Layer ones are so hot still.

11 – Ethereum.

12 – Solana has been exploding, although the price has slumped with the wider downturn. A surge of new NFTs on the chain and high yield defi has been driving the interest for investors to buy up SOL.

13 – Bitcoin, yes.

14 – Star Atlas is back in the charts. This is the most highly anticipated play to earn game coming to the Solana ecosystem. It could see Axie like success IMO, but it is only speculation at this point since the game is not yet live.

15 – Terra pulled off its Columbus 5 this month, and to welcome this massive upgrade the asset surged to a new all-time high. Woohoo!

Token Launches

***Please note these are high risk high reward plays. Token launches are often plagued by all sorts of drama, and often insane hype. Buyer beware!!!

These are the upcoming launches that I believe could bring in big returns for investors. It is a curated, and far from exhaustive list.

The token sales of today will be the big thing of tomorrow. So, it’s definitely worth trying to get into them if you can.


1 – Every sale is different, there are no set rules. Part of doing your research is finding out the exact details of the sale.

2 – Always read the whitepaper and get all the info you can.

3 – Stay up to date, often sales are announced a few days beforehand.

4 – Be punctual! High demand means that sales will often finish in minutes. If you are late, you miss out.

5 – Americans often are excluded, sorry guys! BUT you can be ready to buy in the first few minutes of the Uniswap listing, so make sure to stay up to date! Be aware that the first 5 to 10 minutes often see insane price pumps by bots. Usually, but not always, the sweet spot is around 30 minutes to an hour after listing.

6 – It is not necessary to chase every sale.

New This Week

Gods Unchained is one of the OG crypto games, and they are doing a sale for their GODS token on Coinlist. Sale on the 13th, must register by the 11th. Details

Strips Finance is an interest rate swapping service. This type of swapping is very popular in traditional finance. Token sale on the 13 on Polka Starter. Whitelist open now. Details

Portal Defi is a defi on Bitcoin play. Backed by Coinbase and Arrington. No sale dates yet.

Envoy Network is a premium NFT collectibles, not exactly the most unique idea, but it is doing on Dao Maker, and most of their sales turn good returns for investors. No dates yet.


Wonder Hero whitelist is open. Token sale on the 20th. Details

I have removed Parallel and Manta from the list since their Kusama auctions have ended.

Mars Protocol is going to be doing a lockdrop, it does not look like there will be a sale, so I am removing it from the list. Details

The List of Upcoming Token Sales

Numbers Protocol is an NFT project bringing trust into photos. Big partners, including Binance and Exodus. No sale date.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a play to earn game where you… well… hunt monsters on the blockchain. Whitelist open now. Details

Wonder Hero is a play to earn mobile RPG launching on Polygon. Will probably be doing a Polka Starter. No sale dates yet.

Syn Futures is derivatives exchange operating on Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, and Arbitrum. Backed by Polychain, Pantera, and Bybit. No sale date has been announced.

Ratio Finance is a liquid staking protocol coming to the Solana blockchain. It allows you to take your liquidity positions and turn them into stablecoins which you can then lend out for more yield. No sale dates.

Mangata is a decentralized exchange billing itself as the one-stop shop for trading DOT based assets and will act as a bridge between Ethereum and Polka Dot. Backed by Polychain. No sale dates.

Unbound Finance is a crosschain layer for liquidity pools. Backed by Pantera, Arrington, and a who’s who of defi industry leaders. No sale date.

Holoride is an immersive experience turning car rides into theme park like experiences. Which is either genius or insane. They are building Elrond and Audi is going all in on this. The official Audi account even tweeted about this. No sale info yet.

Bware labs is a decentralized infrastructure provider working across major chains connecting users with network validators on networks like Polygon and The Graph. No sale dates yet.

Chainflip is a crosschain automated market maker focused on native asset swaps. No sale dates yet.

Claystack is a new liquid staking protocol. The use case is huge similar to Ramp Defi. No dates.

Hashflow is a new decentralized exchange similar to Uniswap, but offering more professional liquidity services which is backed by Galaxy, Arrington, Alameda, and Morningstar. No sale dates yet.

Polka Switch is a defi crosschain liquidity protocol. Backed by Arrington. No sale date yet.

Burnt is a Solana-based auction protocol. Very little info so far, and no sale dates. So, stay tuned.

Xdefi is a chain agnostic cryptocurrency wallet, could be something of a Meta Mask “killer”. No sale info yet.

SigmaDex is a perpetual liquidity protocol with crosschain capabilities. No sale dates yet.

Market Analysis by Rekt Capital

Bitcoin Has Reached The 0.5 Fib Resistance

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

It’s phenomenal to see Bitcoin repeating the 2013 Mid-Cycle recovery so closely.

History is truly repeating itself.

And also — history is in the making, as Bitcoin is gearing itself up to take off into the second part of the market cycle.

Right now, Bitcoin has reached the black 0.5 Fib Curve resistance:

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

The Fib Curve represents a price point of ~$54000.

And this is the level Bitcoin needs to break convincingly beyond this October to confirm the second part of the cycle.

But why is this 0.5 Fib Curve so important?

Because it represents the mid-point of this overall Bitcoin log Growth Curve Channel.

Essentially, it is the point that highlights a middle point of the cycle for BTC (i.e. mid-cycle).

And for Bitcoin to progress beyond the mid-cycle, it needs to break this 0.5 Fib Curve resistance.

So let’s talk about what needs to be done going forward.

But first, let’s look at previous cycles to set the stage to understand some of the recurring technical events that need to be replicated over the coming weeks and months.

Bitcoin & The 0.5 Fibonacci Curve — 2013

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

In 2013, Bitcoin consistently held the yellow 0.382 Fib Curve support on the Monthly timeframe, continuously Monthly Candle Closing above this support.

This holding of support enabled BTC to finally challenge the black 0.5 Fibonacci Curve in October and break beyond it, with a Monthly Close above this black 0.5 Fib Curve.

The following month in November, Bitcoin dipped to turn the 0.5 black Fib Curve into support:

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

As is the case with breakouts, they start with candle closes above the key resistance and then price dips to flip that very same level into a new support.

In 2013, the black 0.5 Fib October resistance was flipped to new support in November.

And in November, upon successful retest of the 0.5 Fib — price exploded towards the top of the Bitcoin log Growth Curve Channel to peak in its Bull Cycle.

Key takeaways:

  • When Bitcoin breaks beyond the black 0.5 Fib Curve resistance, BTC needs to retest it as support in the following month(s) to confirm a breakout to new All Time Highs
  • Once the breakout is confirmed, Bitcoin continues its second part of the cycle towards the very top of the log Growth Curve Channel where BTC finally peaks in its Bull Market.

Bitcoin & The 0.5 Fibonacci Curve — 2017

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Just like in 2013, Bitcoin broke beyond the 0.5 black Fib Curve resistance.

However, it did this in August, whereas in 2013 BTC broke out beyond it in October.

However, in 2017 BTC retested the black 0.5 Fib Curve as support in the following month of September and also in October as well.

In essence, Bitcoin was retesting the black 0.5 Fib Curve as support for two months.

In 2013, Bitcoin only needed one month to retest it.

Moreover, in 2017 when Bitcoin finally retested the black 0.5 Fib Curve as support, it confirmed the breakout and enjoyed trend continuation.

But what’s important to mention here is that it took Bitcoin three months in 2017 to reach the very top of the log Growth Curve channel to peak in the Bull Market after having successfully retested that all-important black 0.5 Fib Curve as support.

In 2013, it took Bitcoin only one month to reach the very top of the channel following the successful retest of the black 0.5 Fib Curve.

Why is this important?

Because we know that:

  • The black 0.5 Fib Curve resistance needs to be breached to set up the second part of the cycle
  • The black 0.5 Fib Curve needs to flip into support to enable trend continuation
  • After the retest, BTC ascends to the top of the Growth Curve channel and peaks.

These are the essential technical steps that need to occur for Bitcoin to a) enjoy the second part of the cycle before finally b) peaking in the cycle.

The black 0.5 Fib Curve is the metronome for transitioning Bitcoin away from the mid-cycle period into the second half of the cycle.

And the point of this analysis is to emphasise that a) the time it takes to retest of the black 0.5 Fib Curve may be lengthening and b) the time it takes to reach the top of the log channel may be lengthening also.

Bitcoin & The 0.5 Fibonacci Curve — 2021

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

How can these historical insights across Bitcoin cycles help us going forward?

Step 1 — Bitcoin needs to Monthly Candle Close above the black 0.5 Fib Curve resistance in October.

This black 0.5 Fib Curve level represents the price point of ~$54500.

But before we move onto Step 2, here’s a very curious insight about how much Bitcoin tends to overextend beyond the black 0.5 Fib Curve in an effort to perform this all-important Monthly Close:

How much did Bitcoin overextend beyond the black 0.5 Fib Curve in 2013?

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

Around +17%.

How much did Bitcoin overextend beyond the black 0.5 Fib Curve in 2017?

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023
Around +16%
How much could Bitcoin overextend beyond the black 0.5 Fib Curve in 2021?
Around 16 to 17%, by standards of history.
Which would mean Bitcoin could rally as high as ~$63,000-$64,000 in October all in an effort to position itself well for a Monthly Close above the black Fib Curve level of ~$54500.
And once that Monthly Close above ~$54500 occurs…
Step 2 — Bitcoin needs to dip into the black 0.5 Fib Curve to flip it into a new support.
And if in 2013 it took Bitcoin less than a month to do this before ascending to the top of the log channel, and in 2017 it took three months to retest it before ascending to the top of the log channel…
Is it possible that this retest of the black 0.5 Fib Curve takes place over the coming months?
And if that retest takes a few months, then does that mean that Bitcoin’s actual ascent towards the top of the log Growth Curve channel following a successful retest attempt of the black 0.5 Fib Curve level also takes a few months?
Because if in 2013 the retest took less than one month before Bitcoin rallied inside that same month to the top of the channel…
And in 2017 the retest took two months before Bitcoin rallied to the top of the channel in three months…
Then in 2021 could it be that Bitcoin takes a) three months to retest the black 0.5 Fib Curve as support before b) taking another three months to ascend to the top of the log Growth Curve channel?
That would mean that the second part of Bitcoin’s cycle could last another 6 months.
All in all, it’s difficult to define how much time these two technical events will last in terms of time.
But at least we now know to pay attention to them.

Thank you for reading.

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Port Finance AMA

For anyone not familiar, what is Port Finance? 

Port Finance aims to provide a whole suite of money market products. We aim to provide variable rate lending, fixed rate lending and also interest rate swap. We’re addressing the market of borrowing and lending.

So far, our variable rate lending product is live on Solana mainnet with over 250M TVL. Our next phase of development will be focusing on fixed rate lending.

What does the PORT token do? 

The Port token provides utility as a governance token and will accrue value as the network grows. Furthermore, 50% of protocol fees will be used to buy back and burn the tokens, driving revenue into the hands of the community. We are also working with our partner to enable PORT tokens and provide more benefits to the token holders!

Why did you choose to build on Solana?

– With its low latency and high throughput, Solana is a great fit for the Port Finance protocol. Higher speeds enable us to liquidate users a lot faster, meaning that there is less collateral required from the user, compared to other popular lending and borrowing platforms.

– On Solana, Port Finance plans to utilise the on-chain order book of Serum, Solana’s flagship DEX, opening up exciting new possibilities for the implementation of fixed rate lending.

– With over 200 projects already unveiled on the Solana blockchain, there will be many avenues to explore when it comes to partnerships at Port Finance. Currently we have already partnered with: Mercurial, Party Parrot, Orca, Marinade, Symmetry, LIQ, Solscan and Raydium.

Can you share with us some adoption statistics since your launch?

TVL we grow from less than 50M a month ago to ~300M today with over 10K users who have used our platform

Who are your most important partners and what do they add to Port Finance?

Our most important partners are the projects within the Solana ecosystem which are:

  • Mercurial
  • Party Parrot
  • Orca
  • Marinade
  • Solscan

What comes next for Port?

Our next phase of development will be focusing on building our Fixed-Rate Lending Products. We believe that these products are still nascent, there is huge potential for its demand to surpass our Variable Rate Lending Products. 

In traditional financial markets, the demand for fixed rate lending is 25 times as large as variable rate lending. However, this relationship is reversed in defi. Aave and Compound combined have over $20B TVL locked while fixed rate lending protocols such as Element, Yield and Notional on Ethereum only have ~$100M of TVL combined.

Generally, fixed rate lending products are often more desirable since users don’t need to actively rebalance their position from changes to interest rates

Earn 36% on Curve Finance By Defi Dad

Before we get started, a reminder that this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any tokens mentioned in this tutorial. Do not follow anything shared by DeFi Dad as an investment strategy.

With every week, a new yield program reveals itself in DeFi. This week is a familiar farm I’ve covered previously on Ethereum, but it happens to be somewhat timely for exposure to ETH and WBTC as they’ve been up in price while DeFi tokens have cooled off a bit.

Recently, Avalanche kicked off a program called Avalanche Rush, with $180M in rewards to attract blue chip DeFi applications and yield farmers. Then just yesterday, Avalanche’s $7M in AVAX rewards began with the launch of 3 Curve pools on Avalanche including an Aave stablecoin pool, another with pool with tokenized BTC, and lastly a pool we’ll focus on today–Tricrypto with 33% ETH / 33% WBTC / 33% stablecoins.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

How to Farm up to 36% APY with ETH, WBTC, and stablecoins

With this new Curve Tricrypto pool on Avalanche, one can gain exposure to 33% ETH / 33% WBTC / 33% stablecoins (a combo of DAI, USDC and USDT) while earning a combined 36% APY thanks to 3 forms of yield:

  1. Trading fees in Curve yielding ~18.75% APY
  2. WAVAX rewards from Avalanhce yielding 17.26% APY
  3. And an expected additional boost in CRV rewards once Curve DAO votes next

Before we get started, please be aware of a few major risks. 

  • Smart contract risk is always a risk but one can already purchase Protocol Cover by Nexus Mutual here for assets deposited in this Curve pool for less than 1.3% APR. So I’m netting almost 35% after paying 1.3% APR. Follow this guide on how to buy WNXM, unwrap it to NXM, and ultimately pay less than the usual 2.6% APR on Nexus.
  • Oracle failure could also contribute to a loss of funds.
  • Pegged assets like WBTC or USDT can de-peg.
  • Impermanent loss is likely here as an LP.
  • The quoted 36% APR is likely to change by the time one reads this tutorial. Also the trading volume and the market price of reward tokens are likely to change.
  • As always, this is not financial advice.

Here’s how to get started!

1 – Assuming I already have ETH, WBTC, and/or stablecoins, I would then need to bridge my assets from Ethereum to Avalanche by using this bridge run by the core team behind Avalanche. I can follow the prompts after connecting my Ethereum wallet to choose a token like ETH, WBTC, DAI, USDC, or USDT and send tokens in a single transaction to Avalanche. Btws, sending more than $75 of any token gets you an AVAX airdrop, enough to do a few transactions.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

2 – I need to be sure I have the Avalanche network settings in MetaMask, so I go to chainlist.org, search Avalanche Mainnet, click Connect Wallet, and click Add to MetaMask.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

3 – After the tokens arrive on Avalanche, I’m gonna need more AVAX to pay future network fees (gas) to use DeFi apps if this is my first time. I can use LydiaFinance or Trader Joe to trade for more AVAX. I personally traded for about $50 of AVAX to get started.

4 – I can deposit any combination of these tokens but say I want to maintain my WBTC, ETH, and stablecoin exposure, I can prep the exact ratios of these tokens to maintain my exposure or just deposit 1 or a few tokens and Curve will auto-trade them into the appropriate ratios. Reminder: I am exposed to volatile tokens (ETH or WBTC) and stablecoins in the same pool so impermanent loss is likely. This isn’t like other Curve pools where all the assets are equal to one another (ie stablecoins or all tokenized BTC).

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

5 – I’m now ready to deposit as an LP into the Curve pools on Avalanche Network. I go here to the Tricrypto Pool with 33% ETH / 33% WBTC 33% stablecoins. Keep in mind I’m abbreviating these tokens but they are separate and unique tokens that represent ETH, WBTC, and USD-pegged stablecoins on Avalanche’s blockchain.

Wealth Mastery - Issue #66 - - 2023

6 – Each token I deposit will require an Approval transaction followed by a final Deposit transaction while using MetaMask.

7 – Once the final transaction confirms, I can track my LP position + farming rewards here on Curve’s Deposit page or by visiting a portfolio tracker like Zapper.fi. The trading fees will auto-accrue to my LP but I’ll have to return here to Claim my WAVAX and CRV rewards in the future.

That’s it! I’m earning higher yield for risking my capital as one of the earliest LPs on Avalanche bootstrapping Curve liquidity.

For more DeFi video tutorials and insights, follow me @DeFi_Dad on Twitter and subscribe to DeFi Tutorials with DeFi Dad on YouTube at defidad.com.

Disclaimer & Risks: This is not financial advice. You should approach all DeFi applications, wallets, protocols, and tools with caution. Please be aware there is always risk in using DeFi, especially technical risks (ie smart contracts bugs), financial risks (ie liquidity crises), and potentially admin risk (admin key compromise, governance vulnerabilities).

Braintrust Report by Jesse

Come on $50k!!! With Bitcoins price appreciating 10% in a day, this week the markets seem very eager to recover from last month’s funk. Not surprising at all, Axie Infinity has been pulled along for the ride, growing 125% over the last week. While there’s no certainty, we’re out of the sideways market cycle yet, this has been a great indicator that the year still has plenty of gains left in it to give. This week we’ll be looking at the developing decentralized talent network released on Coinbase last month, called Braintrust.

<h2 id="introduction“>Introduction

Braintrust’s mission is to build the world’s most impactful talent network that is user-owned, aligns incentives, and redistributes more value to Talent and Organizations than current options. The Team at Braintrust hoped the gig economy would usher in a new era of worker autonomy and abundance, but with innovation stifled the last year that didn’t pan out. Leaving a few wealthy people to become even wealthier, while the average worker is still scrambling to make a living. Braintrust introduces a much better way to think about work with a model that benefits talent and enterprise alike. At Braintrust, a decentralized talent network is built on the belief that everyone should be treated fairly. Fees should be transparent. Incentives should be aligned, with huge percentages taken by middlemen being a thing of the past. Early on, Braintrust is already shaping up to be a massive decentralized talent network that replaces outdated, fragmented labor markets with a liquid, algorithmically-controlled marketplace, governed by network participants.

In the Braintrust talent network, clients place their “asks” by posting jobs to the network, specifying parameters such as skillset, geography, and rates. These posts are then matched accordingly with talent, who respond with “bids” by submitting job proposals. The core innovation of the Braintrust network is through rewarding network participants based on their contributions to building the network and native token. In doing so this network will by default replace expensive and ineffective centralized middlemen.

In achieving these two goals, the network can reduce the capital required to continue developing the network, cutting fees for talent to zero, and cutting costs for clients by up to 70% in some cases. Whereas the old way of making profits as a talent network came in the form of charging high fees or markups while offering talent no ownership or control over company decision-making. Networks would hold people’s work history, data, and reputation to only monetize their own workers’ information. Because talent has no vote on key decisions, the networks allow themselves to be flooded with users, ultimately driving down pay sometimes below the minimum wage.

This practice is extremely common in the gig-economy sector as a Georgetown University researcher concluded in a study showing that some Uber drivers were earning less than $5 an hour. As new companies expand into new markets, the premium for participation is high, because demand is high. But, as the supply for workers reaches that product’s demand, each new worker hired is devaluing the monetary value of all the other workers, sometimes to disastrous effects like in the case of Uber and Doordash. As these business models are clearly unsustainable, talent networks and professional staffing firms will be replaced by systems that embrace an ownership economy instead. The model will benefit talent and enterprises alike with network transparency, aligned incentives, and decentralized governance mechanisms. This new model is enabled by the emergence of Web 3.0 network technologies, and only recently made possible by tokenizing assets to allow for currencies designed around decentralized commerce. Braintrust’s use of crypto is essential to its success in achieving decentralization at a significant scale.

By design, Braintrust allows for the massive growth of talent networks. In this decentralized network, information is tracked in real-time to determine the true market value of assets, including labor. Talent networks capable of achieving superior flexibility in these systems aren’t constrained by a profit maximization incentive that requires them to seek as large a customer base as possible, allowing them to trade a one size fits all approach for specialized solutions that effectively meet the needs of their users. Talent can pick and choose projects, and client companies can rapidly scale their workforce along with market demand. Network operators currently leverage their network effects to extract disproportionate value from their users. The tech required to build and run such markets can easily be run at a fraction of the value that today’s dominant platforms cut from their users. As an autonomous network Braintrust enables that disproportionate value to be returned back to the talent that powers the network. On Braintrust everyone is an owner, owning not just a part of the benefits from the value they produce, but also their work histories, reputations, and data. In stark contrast to those extractive models, which often monetize that critical information at their own users’ expense.

Effective control of a network by its users requires equal access to the information driving network decisions. Permissionless systems ensure full transparency by creating easy, equal access to data through its immutable digital record stored on a public blockchain. Transparency allows new information to be quickly reflected in such systems, enabling accurate price discovery and low transaction costs. Braintrust network carries with it the ability to programmatically distribute ownership and control of the network to those who contribute to its growth, in a fully permissionless way. The Braintrust talent network implements this primarily through its referral engine. In decentralized finance systems, liquidity providers play a crucial role in adding liquidity to the market by setting the initial price and equal supply of assets. In the Braintrust network, these providers are called “connectors.” Anyone can sign up, get a unique code, and start adding their network to Braintrust. When those connector-introduced users start transacting, the network pays out rewards to the connectors as a percentage of the transactions known as the Gross Services Value (GSV) they produce. Connectors earn tokens for each successfully paid invoice, giving them more network ownership for helping drive talent and value to the network.

<h2 id="the-token“>The Token

Native to Braintrust is the BTRST token users earn by introducing and onboarding clients and talent to the network. Clients use BTRST to enhance their job postings, while talent uses BTRST to enhance their proposals or take courses to get new skills. By forking the Compound governance protocol, Braintrust has enabled a one-token, one-vote system that gives token holders proportional control over how the network is governed. These native token uses provide strong incentives to clients and talent to use the network and take part in the governance of the network. This incentive alignment is referred to as the “ownership economy”. Users can also redeem tokens for special perks, created only for the Braintrust community like free and discounted software, products, career resources, and other community perks. BTRST has a fixed supply of 250M tokens in circulation that can never surpass that amount. Unlocked at network launch and distributed over time in accordance with the community are the reward and incentives programs that include 54% of the total BTRST supply. The remaining tokens are distributed as 22% Early Purchasers with a 2-year lockup ($23.5M), 19% Early Contributors with a 4-year release schedule, and 5% for the public Coinlist Sale with a 90 to 180 lockup depending on tier. Connector payments are paid from the Reward and Incentives allocation which is held in Multi-Sig wallets at Coinbase and Anchorage Institutional Custody. While not explicitly mentioned in the project’s token metrics, Braintrust manages these funds through the Foundation Treasury. The network’s decentralized and organic future development is expected to be fostered by an Ownership Economy Association made up of Braintrust connectors.

<h2 id="the-founders“>The Founders

The idea behind Braintrust is based in San Jose California lies with Co-founders Adam Jackson and Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski. Whereas Adam has much of his experience in database administration, software consultation, and product development management, Gabriel has experience in financial markets and sales to make for a nice blend of technology and financial know-how between the two. Aside from them is a growing Team of three dozen members developing the product. Fundraising for the project began back in 2018 and includes capital from Coinbase Ventures, Galaxy Digital, TQ Ventures, HOF Capital, Pantera Capital, Blockchange Ventures, Variant, Multicoin Capital, and many others.

<h2 id="market-impacts“>Market Impacts

BTRST launched in mid-September and was immediately sold off via its direct listing on Coinbase. After listing around $35, briefly running to $45, and dumping to almost $9 currently. There’s no better example than this for showcasing how monopolized, centralized platforms like Coinbase truly operate. While it’s not technically illegal to invest directly in a company at presale, exclusively list the asset on your highly liquid platform and sell your shares, it is pretty immoral. Where else did all this selling pressure come from? Who would have enough tokens to dump on such a liquid market? Wasn’t there a 4-year lockup on early purchasers? I think the answer is transparently clear but you decide for yourself if this practice is one you condone or not. While the dump was quick and Daily Volume is low for Coinbase at only $13M. I still see a great deal of potential for the future price appreciation of BTRST. With all the other factors to consider, it’s only a matter of time until we see the token finding new liquidity in new markets to tap into. At the same time, there’s still a long way to go in developing its ecosystem and even more importantly, grow its community. Already, the project has gained 40k Discord members, 100k Telegram, and 150k Twitter followers. But the majority of those appear to be bots. What Braintrust has that most projects lack is a robust Resource Center. Here users can take part in various webinars, monthly round table meetings, business reports, remote onboarding kits, and other valuable tools at no charge. Operating from the open-source community-built Snowfork bridge between Polkadot and Ethereum, this allows for Braintrust’s multi-chain integration into future protocols to be seamless.

<h2 id="concerns“>Concerns

No red flags were found when reviewing Braintrust.

<h2 id="conclusion“>Conclusion

Braintrust is an impressive piece of technology with core functions that naturally feel like the next evolution in how talent networks should operate. Instead of an agency using predatory headhunting tactics to get talent, only for that talent to be squeezed of all its value and thrown aside, an open ecosystem realizes the shared value everyone has to offer, not only those at the top. With the growing list of clients added to the Braintrust ecosystem including NASA, Nike, Nestle, Porsche, BlueCross BlueShield, Black+Decker, Intel, and IBM using it to solve their scaling issues, Braintrust is already providing tremendous value in the talent acquisitions market. As more jobs in today’s workforce transform into remotely-operated employment, the usage of Braintrust and its economy will only continue to grow. With over 100 countries involved in the growing global community. If you’re looking to hire or be hired, I’d strongly suggest checking out what Braintrust can do for you.

Until next time, remember that the only guarantee is BTC. So keep stacking that Satoshi.

-Jesse Koz

Follow Jesse on Twitter

Final Notes

Thank you so much for your support, and I truly hope that today’s issue will give you insights needed to help you master your wealth.

Do let me know if you have any questions or feedback, or any topics you’d like to see covered in future issues.

See you next time!

Lark and the Wealth Mastery Team

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TCL Publishing ltd (director Lark Davis, owner of Wealth Mastery) is not providing you individually tailored investment advice. Nor is TCL Publishing registered to provide investment advice, is not a financial adviser, and is not a broker-dealer. The material provided is for educational purposes only. TCL Publishing is not responsible for any gains or losses that result from your cryptocurrency investments. Investing in cryptocurrency involves a high degree of risk and should be considered only by persons who can afford to sustain a loss of their entire investment. Investors should consult their financial adviser before investing in cryptocurrency. 

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