Wealth Mastery Premium Investor Report 130

Wealth Mastery Premium Investor Report 130

In This Issue

  • I share my thoughts on the state of the market, CPI data is in, risk management, an Aave stablecoin, NFTs & Mt Gox.
  • Rekt Capital has the latest technical analysis for you on the market. 
  • Sam has a report for you on Avalanche NFTs.
  • Defi Dad has a tutorial for you on how to earn up to 112% LP’ing the stablecoin yield index PONY.
  • Jesse has a ton of hot new airdrops for you. 
  • Hot new token sales. 
  • Rebecca has all of the latest news for you.

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What's On My Mind by Lark

<h3 id="the-state-of-the-market ">The State of the Market 

Still not awesome. You probably noticed.

All crypto assets remain in a major downtrend and are not even close to the levels that would be needed to start talking about real reversals. A relief rally still has not come around to ease the pressure on the market.

Bitcoin is now working on closing its 5th weekly candle under the 200 week moving average which is a totally unprecedented event for Bitcoin.

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    1. The loans are all over collateralized on chain. They got more assets back by paying off the loans. Plus, they needed to unwind the defi stuff to be able to proceed with the bankruptcy filing.