Wealth Mastery Premium Investor Report 145

Wealth Mastery Premium Investor Report 145

In This Issue

  • My latest portfolio updates. 
  • Rebecca breaks down this week’s trending coins.
  • Erik has a report for you on Monero versus Zcash.
  • David has a report for you on Arbitrum Nitro..
  • The team from Parallel Finance discusses their mission of bringing decentralized finance to 1 billion people.
  • Jesse has a deep dive for you on Helium Crypto.

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Lark’s Portfolio

This Week’s Moves

I bought more Bitcoin. Sometimes I think whether or not it is worth mentioning this every week. But I want to keep underlining that I am dollar cost averaging through the bear market. 

Avax bids filled at $18 and $19. Fingers crossed the FUD this week ends up being just that and blows over soon. 

I added to my ROSE position at $0.065. Buy order for $0.05 still open at the time of writing. I maintain that for a layer one ROSE is likely undervalued considering the quality of the partnerships and tech. 

It Is Getting Slow… 


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  1. Lark – I have a question about your video you released on Sept 5 (6th in your time zone) about SweatEconomy. I don’t understand how to get in on the token sale. I’ve never waited for a drop, so I’m not clear on the process. I’ve connected my coinbasewallet to the DAO Maker site, but just to be clear… do I buy DAO and wait foe the SHO token to be available to me early to buy? And how much DAO do I need to but in order to get “–x–” SHO? Please help a newbie. I’ve followed you and subscribed to your monthly wealth mastery premium reports… but haven’t made a move like this yet and I want to be sure I do it right. Thanks man.

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for the message.

      There are two options.
      The Public Round and the SHO. Both operate on a lottery system.
      The public round is the harder of the two, but also does not require holding DAO tokens. You just need $500 or more of any tokens in your wallet and then to follow the steps listed in the FAQ below.

      The SHO requires holding DAO tokens and gives you a higher chance of winning as well as a higher possible allocation. It is up to you if you decide to invest in DAO tokens, but they have a good track record of high ROI sales.

      This FAQ answers a lot of the questions https://daomaker.com/faqs/public-sho#difference-public-and-dao-sho