What is Railgun Network?

what is railgun

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  • What is Railgun Network?
  • What is the future of Railgun Network?
  • What is RAIL altcoin?
  • How do you buy Railgun?
  • Is Railgun a good investment?

What is Railgun Network?

Railgun Network is an interesting addition to the cryptocurrency space that hardly anyone is talking about. Launched in 2021, Railgun solves the privacy issues associated with transacting on open public networks like Ethereum as we move closer to Web3.

With zero-knowledge proofs being the backbone of Railgun, it’s already using the most advanced privacy technology developed for the blockchain. This allows privacy on the network without depending on relay chains or external bridges to provide shielded transactions. This new privacy system is built for Layer-1 and Layer-2 networks, meaning there are no limitations to its inclusion in any current blockchain. By keeping all information on-chain, Railgun provides users with private transactions without data loss.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for Railgun is the addition of Stealth NFTs. Anyone who uses Railgun can access liquidity from any integrated network, unlike other solutions that fracture liquidity and force users to choose which chain to keep their assets on. Railgun gives direct access to liquidity without siphoning it from another network to Railgun, unlike most traditional Layer-2’s. Railgun is available through the Railway DeFi Wallet on Web, Mobile, and Desktop. 

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