What is Special About Chainlink?


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  • What is special about Chainlink?
  • What is the future of Chainlink?
  • What is a LINK token?
  • How do you buy Chainlink?
  • Is Chainlink a good investment? 
Chainlink Gatsby

What is Special About Chainlink?

For starters, Chainlink has integrated itself with almost every functional blockchain on the market. This has helped Chainlink create a rather interesting monopoly regarding reliable real-time on-chain data.

Chainlink is also one of the few projects that left the 2018-2019 bear market alive. At the same time, Chainlink lost considerable value this year, along with many other projects. LINK held above its prior lows and has already begun its recovery. Chainlink also has one of the largest development teams in blockchain, second only to Ethereum. This has allowed Chainlink to become one of, if not the first protocol a new blockchain integrates with at launch. Without reliable data feeds, a new chain is dead in the water.

At one point, Chainlink had the largest community presence in the space. You couldn’t enter a chatroom without running into a LINK marine preaching from their pulpit. This is no longer the case for Chainlink, as I imagine many of those marines took their profits and retired. Nothing wrong with that. 

Chainlink Interconnections

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