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what is unstoppable domains

For anyone not familiar, what is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is the largest provider of NFT Domains. NFT Domains are minted on the blockchain and serve as a digital and portable identity across a variety of web3 applications (DApps). Users fully own and control their domain, and hence have full autonomy over their digital identity.

We’re growing quickly and recently closed a $65 million Series A funding round at a $1 billion valuation, reaching unicorn status. We’ll use the funding to fuel product innovation and grow our partnerships in the web3 space as we continue to build a platform for user-owned and portable digital identity. 

What are the use cases of NFT based domains?

Unstoppable Domains are packed with utility and can be used as your payments solution, digital identity, decentralized website, email address and more. 

Payments: Use your Unstoppable Domain as your payment address for wallets. Replace lengthy crypto wallet addresses on more than 50 wallets and exchanges. You no longer need to copy and paste complicated wallet addresses each time you send or receive crypto. Simply link your wallet address with your unique domain name (like brad.crypto), then start sending crypto safely and easily! We support over 275 coins & tokens.

Identity: Use your Unstoppable Domain as your universal username across apps and websites. We’re building out login integrations with hundreds of partners and rapidly expanding this feature. Imagine using your domain name like an SSO when you want to login to a website, send a message, play a game, make a payment, etc. 

Decentralized Web Building: Use your Unstoppable Domain as your Website URL. You can build and host your own website with your domain, for free! These are decentralized, censorship resistant websites. Your website will natively resolve in the search bar in Brave browser, Opera, and with a Chrome extension. 

Email Privacy: We also just launched Unstoppable Email, a privacy-first way for you to communicate with others using your personal email address. Now, you can use your NFT domain as your @ud.me email address. By turning your personal email into an @ud.me, you can: maintain the privacy of your personal email addresses

There is still a lot of skepticism around NFTs in general, why do you think that is?

Unfortunately, “pump and dump” projects and scams have negatively contributed to the space. Many people have gotten burned on the promise of quick returns and treating NFTs as a short-term investment as opposed to looking at the overall utility and long-term credibility of the project and team behind it. 

We differentiate ourselves based on utility. Our goal is to have the world’s 3 Billion internet users using a domain everyday as their digital identity because it’s a useful and helpful product that adds value. Our NFTs are accessible to all – they start at $5.00. 

What domains have proven to be most popular?

Your identity starts with your name and we are no exception to that rule. To that end, first name, as well as first name + last name combinations are incredibly popular. Dictionary words like “wallet” are also in high demand. Additionally, common crypto-phrases like “wagmi” are also among the most popular and sought after Unstoppable Domains. 

Will you be bringing in support for more domain names and chains in the future?

Yes! More to come on that. You may be hearing more about this in the coming weeks 😉 

What kind of support for NFT based domains is there?

We have over 300 partners and 2.5 million domains registered worldwide. Unstoppable Domains supports over 50 wallets and exchanges. Send and receive over 275 cryptocurrencies. We also integrate with OpenSea, where you can list and re-sell Unstoppable Domains.

What comes next for Unstoppable?

We plan on Unstoppable Domains becoming the digital identity solution for every internet user on the planet – an identity that’s portable across online spaces. To that end, we’re hard at work increasing the utility of our domains and growing the sorts of partnerships that will put an Unstoppable Domain in the hands of each of the world’s 3 Billion internet users!

What is Unstoppable Domains | Crypto Interview - - 2024

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Want to maximise the returns on your crypto investments? Join The Free Wealth Mastery Report to Receive Weekly Insights on Altcoins, NFTs, Airdrops and DeFi!

What is Unstoppable Domains | Crypto Interview - - 2024
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