Why Web3 Matters, Avocado Guild & Collapsing Rates

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This week the team from Avocado Guild, a crypto gamefi guild, is joining us to discuss their role in the gaming world and play to earn economy. We also have a guest writer this week, Kyle, who has a great article for you on Web 3 and why it matters. 

A real sign of the current bearish market conditions is that rates are currently collapsing across defi and centralized lenders. Earning yield is definitely going to be a bit trickier in this market, but there are still good yield opportunities out there to be earned! That being said, it does require us to keep a keen eye on our farms and lending. For me there does come a point at which it is simply not worth the risks, even if small, of keeping an asset on a lending platform or on a defi farm. 

A good example of this is Celsius, where rates have fallen for Bitcoin. It is now 5% for 1 Bitcoin, and 1.5% for any Bitcoin after that. At these rates it is no longer worth the risk of keeping my Bitcoin on Celsius. I will remove all but 1 BTC. Ethereum rates have also fallen, I may move it out and swap it for staked Ethereum, but that is sadly a taxable event. With USDC rates at a mere 7.1% on Celsius I will also consider getting my stablecoins out and moving them to greener pastures. Wherever that may be. Maybe even back to Anchor since it seems that UST has survived another round of bank run FUD. 

In the current market conditions I will be maintaining a strong defensive position in stablecoins. The majority of which are earning yields across various platforms. While I will continue to DCA into Bitcoin, I am playing it safe and either not adding or adding few altcoins right now.

Avocado Guild Interview

For anyone not familiar, what is Avocado Guild? 

A play2earn gaming guild. We lend NFTs to users for the purpose of in-game yield generation. These NFTs are used to play the game, compete in PvP matches, complete quests, etc, and in return, the users are awarded in-game utility tokens which the guild splits with the user at an agreed ratio.

At Avocado Guild’s core is a growing community focused on the development and growth of web3 by onboarding new users into the space via P2E gaming initiatives.

We provide opportunities for users to play games with our NFTs and earn in-game utility tokens that can be traded and offramped into fiat currency. 

We aid the development of the emerging GameFi and SocialFi space by providing the capital, players, networking, and advice for new and upcoming games.

We onboard and educate new users into web3 and try to reduce the amount of friction required to enter web3 based P2E gaming.

What does your token do? 

$AVG is a governance token that will eventually be used for lodging and voting on DAO activities.

Value from DAO operations will eventually be passed back down to token holders via staking once the technology and strategies are developed.

When can we stake your coins? Are there any current incentives? 

Staking will be coming at the end of Q1, and at the very latest early Q2. 

Why do we need guilds in the crypto gaming space? 

The global gaming market is expected to exceed $180B by the end of 2022. Currently, the current crypto gaming market barely makes up a fraction of the market share as a whole. 

We feel that crypto is slowly being understood and accepted, but the barrier to entry is still very high. NFTs are expensive, and most people either don’t have the money, or find it difficult to invest heavily into them, but would like to understand what P2E is all about. Avocado Guild provides opportunities for keen users who wish to explore crypto P2E games but don’t have the necessary capital, by lending out our assets in return for a split of in-game profits.

Guilds have access to more NFTs across multiple games which they can lend to users, removing that initial upfront cost required for gamers to enjoy the experience. Guilds provide the education and community that can support new users who are finding it difficult to understand and enter crypto gaming. Guilds act as a support network, educational facility as well as a provider of opportunities for players who want to get involved in the developing GameFi industry.

What games are you working with? 

Currently – Axie Infinity, Revv Racing, Pegaxy, The Wasted Lands, CyBall, Elpis Battle.

Many more to come.

Who are your biggest partners and what do they bring to the table? 

Our biggest partners are the games we work with. They develop and build the games in which our players play and earn. We work with upcoming and current game developers to understand their mindset around how the games work, the economy, and the future development of the GameFi space. Ultimately, we are here to grow the space,  support users, and encourage mainstream adoption, so working with game developers who make all of this possible is critical.

What comes next for Avocado?

Development of further automation tools that allow the guild to better manage and track the performance of our users (scholars) across our growing list of supported games.

Developing sustainable tokenomics that allow the value from guild operations to be passed back down to $AVG token holders via staking.

Provide DeFi and GameFi access to our users through $AVG tokens.

Continue to invest capital, knowledge, and resources, in this case, our players, into upcoming games, platforms, and protocols- especially traditional game developers who want to enter the crypto gaming space to maximize their chance of success and, in turn, onboard more users into web3.

Continue to grow and develop the blockchain ecosystem and provide life-changing opportunities for our users through developing technologies that reduce friction and help shape the GameFi industry. 

Bridge real-world use cases for AVG token.

How Web3 Is Unlocking New Business Models & Tools by Kyle

The “Bitcoin” not “Blockchain” people couldn’t have been more wrong…

Blockchain technology is in fact enabling 3 revolutions at the same time:

1. The Money Revolution (Global, decentralized, non-state money)
2. The Financial Revolution (DeFI)
3. The Internet Revolution (Web3)

Each of these revolutions is necessary and important for us to achieve a future of global equality and free ourselves from overreaching governments and corporations. This is the true promise of blockchain and crypto. In this newsletter, we primarily discuss the revolutions in non-state money (BTC & ETH) and decentralized finance, but today we want to dive deeper into the potential of Web3.

For a full deep dive into the current and potential use cases of Web3, particularly for creators, entrepreneurs and marketers, I recommend you check out the follow report written by Web3 Academy:

2022 Web3 Report: Community, Growth and Marketing in the New Internet
How Blockchain, NFTs, Tokens and the Metaverse are revolutionizing how we think about marketing and business models in 2022.

So what is Web3?

Web3 is the next iteration of the internet: permissionless, accessible to everyone, censorship resistant and owned by its users.

There are 2 key foundational changes to the internet that Web3 enables:

1. Digital Ownership:

The ability to own something digital without the need for a custodian or trusted 3rd party. We understand this already in terms of money with Bitcoin, but thanks to smart contracts this is possible with just about anything on or off the blockchain (ie. identity, equity, certificates, etc.)

2. Interoperability of you & your digital goods across the internet:

Interoperability in Web3 means your crypto/web3 wallet becomes your 1 secure account/profile for the internet. It moves in and out of applications along with what’s in it. This means no more 100s of accounts and passwords and no friction to move from one platform to another. 

Why Web3 Matters, Avocado Guild & Collapsing Rates - - 2023

Web3 interoperability creates an internet experience more like the real world.

Example: If we buy a shirt in a store in the real world, we don’t have to leave it in that store when we exit. In Web2 however, if we buy something in a game or on Facebook, it stays only in that game or on Facebook. In web3 we can take it to the next location, just like in the physical world.

But wait, it gets better… Where Web3 takes even the real world experience to a new level is through programmability. We can program anything based on the digital assets/activity from your wallet. Meaning, we can create specific digital experiences, provide access, etc. seamlessly based on the user’s wallet.

So why do we need NFTs and Tokens in Web3?

Tokens (fungible & non-fungible) act as tools in Web3 that serve many purposes for communities, developers, creators & businesses. Let’s break them down first before discussing their purpose:

Fungible Tokens – fungible units of account that can be used as currency, equity, governance, reward systems, etc.

NFTs – A non-fungible token can represent ownership of anything on or off the blockchain. Art is easy to understand here, but think past this. What else is non-fungible in our world? Certificates, event tickets, domains, awards, keys, real estate, prescriptions, identity, data. etc.

These Web3 tools (tokens/NFTs) are a means for creators, communities and entrepreneurs to establish:

  • funding
  • capital distribution
  • governance
  • access
  • IP
  • structure and organization
  • incentives
  • branding
  • etc.

Yes, we can do all this in the traditional world. So why is this better in Web3?

Web3 tools make all of this 100x better because they can be created, without permission, with 0 intermediaries, in seconds, and be available on global liquid markets immediately! This is a massive unlock for innovation and capital flow around the world.

Think about the costs, time and sweat it takes to start an LLC in the USA, open a bank account, acquire funding globally (oftentimes this isn’t even possible), file your patents/trademarks and hire a team globally. I can literally do ALL of this in less than 10 minutes with Web3 tools like NFTs and Tokens.

Remember, Tokens and NFTs are also programmable

Not only do these tokens have all the 100x more efficient purposes mentioned above with regards to equity/funding/IP, etc. They can have a 2nd purpose with utility, replacing most marketing “tools” businesses use.

What this means is that a token can be a form of equity AND your access into a discord community or a ticket to an in-real-life event. It means that tokens can be a form of governance (think voting) in addition to an appreciating asset that ALSO shows you premium content on Netflix or your favorite blog. The utility and opportunities that Web3 provides for every person on the planet are endless. In my opinion it will change the world just as much or more as the internet itself did.

Where to learn more about Web3?

If you want to learn more about Web3 or if you’re a creator, entrepreneur or marketer looking to use Web3, check out the following report written by Web3 Academy:

2022 Web3 Report: Community, Growth and Marketing in the New Internet
How Blockchain, NFTs, Tokens and the Metaverse are revolutionizing how we think about marketing and business models in 2022

Thank you for reading!

Kyle Reidhead

Founder of Web3 Academy


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Combining cutting edge insider insights and done-for-you market analysis to deliver crypto investors the best opportunities to grow their wealth, stay ahead of the curve, and avoid costly mistakes! We cover DeFi, NFTs, Altcoins, Technical Analysis and more! 

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