About Lark Davis

Hi! My name is Lark Davis!

I’m a cryptocurrency investor with years of experience and I’ve been making consistent profits in the crypto space. I’m passionate about helping others do the same, so I run multiple educational channels on crypto investing.

I post videos on my Lark Davis – Youtube Channel and share my thoughts on anything crypto-related via Twitter (over 1M followers!). On both channels, you learn about cryptocurrency investing so you can diversify your portfolio, grow your wealth, and make more money.
One of the biggest pain points for (most) crypto investors is not knowing where to find good opportunities and/or not having the time to hunt them down. That is exactly why I created Wealth Mastery in 2020: a cryptocurrency and NFT investment report. It’s an in-depth weekly newsletter for both beginners and experienced crypto and NFT investors that want to get an edge on the crypto market.
Me and my team of crypto research analysts, technical analysts, NFT researchers, and writers work hard to find these new opportunities and share them with you every week. You can enjoy the Wealth Mastery Investor Report by signing up here!
About Lark Davis - - 2024

Our Team of Writers

Crypto Newsletter writer


Jesse is a passionate seeker of truth who enjoys educating others about Bitcoin. As a free thinker and 2nd amendment advocate, Jesse believes each individual has the right to monetary freedom. “The swarm is headed towards us” -Satoshi Nakamoto

Rekt Capital - writer for Lark Davis

Rekt Capital

Rekt Capital is a cryptocurrency analyst with over 300,000 Followers on Twitter and is the author of a Top 4 Crypto newsletter on Substack globally (Rekt Capital Newsletter). His market commentary and research has been featured in Forbes, CoinTelegraph, Real Vision, Hackernoon, and Medium’s largest publication The Startup.

DeFi Dad - writer for Lark Davis

DeFi Dad

DeFi Dad is one of the earliest power users of DeFi, having worked with early Ethereum startups going back to 2018, including Zapper.

Rebecca - writer for Lark Davis


Rebecca is a crypto investor and content writer based in the UK. She specializes in breaking the news into bite size pieces and simplifying investing topics. You will find her on Twitter and Instagram providing crypto and investing education.

Sam, crypto newsletter writer


Sam is a qualified journalist from the UK who covers NFTs, Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency world. He believes NFTs are about far more than just JPEGs, and web3 is going to be transformative, but recognizes the value in a good quality meme and a well-drawn ape.

Erik - Crypto newsletter writer


Erik started as a freelance writer around the time Satoshi was brewing on the whitepaper. As a crypto investor, he is class of 2020. More of a hodler than a trader, but never shy to experiment with new protocols.

About Lark Davis - - 2024


David learned about bitcoin in 2015 and has closely followed the crypto industry since then. His professional interests center around bitcoin, layer-one blockchain protocols, decentralized finance, and clean energy. An attorney by trade, David has held licenses to practice law in the State of Hawaii and in US federal courts.

By the way, you can view all of Lark’s investments in the crypto space here.