$700M In Token Airdrops


Forget altcoin season, it’s airdrop season. 

There’s $700M in tokens up for grabs over 7 days! 

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Are you ready? 

Have you bagged yours yet? 

Keep reading for the details…

Here's what's in today's issue:

  • Sam shares his thoughts on the latest airdrops, Bitcoin ads reappearing on Google, BlackRock’s BTC ETF hitting $2 billion, Coinbase’s future & the UK continuing to explore CBDCs.
  • This week's trending coins by Rebecca.

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🎟️ All-Aboard! It’s Airdrop Season!

Airdrop hunters, listen up! Here are 4 insane airdrop opportunities to make some quick bucks:

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1. AltLayer ($ALT)

AltLayer is an Ethereum protocol for rollups that launched its native token ALT on January 25 with an airdrop.

300 million tokens were available in the initial airdrop making up 3% of its total supply.

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