Wealth Mastery #82

In This Issue

First I wanted to let you all know that starting now and going forward I intend to change the formatting of the newsletter. There will now be two issues sent out weekly. The first will be by Wednesday 8PM EST, and the second by Sunday 8PM EST. This means that the sections will be broken up, so if you don’t see one of your favorite sections in today’s issue then fear not as that will come on Sunday.

I am also discontinuing the PDF version of the newsletter. The intent here is to make the information easier to digest without overwhelming you with too much information at one time. 

I would also like to share that we are working on a bunch of exciting new features for the website which will make the total user experience much smoother. 

So anyway, in this issue:

I share my thoughts on investing in a down market.

Rekt Capital has the latest technical analysis for you on the market. 

Rebecca has all of the latest news for you. 

Jesse has a ton of hot new airdrops for you. 

Hot new token sales. 

Sam has a report for you on Cardano NFTs.

Defi Dad has a tutorial for you on Fantom's Yearn Earn Finance.

A quick reminder that all research and market analysis is provided for educational and informational purposes, and should not be considered as financial advice. You are ultimately responsible for your investments and trades, and they should only ever be entered by those who understand the risks,

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  1. Hi Lark,

    Firstly, thanks for the great content, always an interesting read!

    I’ve just got one question on your use of centralised platforms- you often mention Celsius, Blockfi, and Nexo (all great options- I use Celsius and Nexo and enjoy both platforms), but I notice that you don’t mention Crypto.com- is there any specific reason for this? I’ve found them quite easy to use, and offer good rates such as 10% on stablecoins, and the rates can increase with locked staking of the CRO token.

    I promise I don’t work for them and trying to sell them to you here! Just curious as to why they aren’t in your list?


    1. Nothing at all wrong with crypto.com. Only thing I am not a huge fan of is the lock ups to get better rates, and needing to have X amount of their tokens to get better rates. Others don’t require tokens or lock up periods. crypto.com is a great company, by all means use them and enjoy.

    2. Personally, I had a dreadful experience with Crypto.com. The sign-up process was slow and painful. It took them 2 weeks to verify me after a number of attempts, due to my ID/Passport… and during all this time the Customer Service was a nightmare… 5 emails from 5 different individuals, who were not on this planet, or just stoned out of their brains. but I said i am a cool guy, i will give a 2nd chance. I did. Was trying to figure out how their browser exchange and their mobile APP compare. They Don’t… No connection… like two different companies… it took another 2 weeks of arduous labor with Cust. Sevice the find out the nuts-and-bolts of the operation. after communicating with 7 bozos i found One cool guy, who was smart, courteous, and knowledgeable… I should have quit them there… but I gave them a 3rd chance… a mistake… transfer some stable coins, to start experimenting. The moment the coins arrived in my wallet, the APP crashed and disappeared from my phone. Could not download it or reinstall it, as they claimed that i had been on a geographical location where the APP could not work. BS. Customer Service was non-existent… being frivolous… and unprofessional… The company was spending millions of USD on an AD campaign with Matt Demon, but their Branding Sucked, due to the low level of customer service… No Phone.. No LiveChat… Only emails with 48-72 hr wait time… It took 3 weeks of hard work to get my money back… Following this escapade I deleted everything from my phone and laptop that had a crypto.com domain on it…. learned a lot… since then, I never started working with a new exchange with more than a 100 USD initial deposit… and without tangible and decent customer service! If the crypto sector wants to see itself as a “transformational industry of the future” and entice an ever-growing number of new people away from the Traditional Fiat System… they have to give super hot customer service… to those who are not IT geeks, tech-heads or professional on-line traders. The crypto industry has to offer to these now-comers trust and peace of mind, or the majority of the investors will never keep their hard-earned assets at companies that do not deliver on their whitepaper mission statements, who do not understand the true psychology of selling, buying, investing, and doing business, which goes way above and deeper than FEAR&GREED…

  2. Kinda disappointed to see you did away with PDF format. I can understand splitting into 2 editions per week to save “overwhelm” but why take away PDF?

  3. Hi, Thanks for all great Information.
    I notice downloading as PDF is not available any more. I print and read each issue and then read that. I Work too much with monitors and like to read on paper sometime to save my eyes. I appreciate if PDF version will be available from next issue.

  4. Hey Lark,
    the information was much “easier to digest” in the PDF format. We were able to highlight and make notes while reading it. Now we have to print it to PDF which is an extra step, plus page breaks are weird when printed. I’d love to continue receive the PDFs. Thanks!

  5. Hi Lark,
    I have deposited BTC on yearn finance, however, after 4 days, I barely got some yield which is not in line with appx 12.5% APY that is shown on the platform.
    Am I missing something or maybe site does not show appropriate APY?
    Thank you!

    1. You are not missing anything. The yield fluctuates day to day. It is not fixed. At 12.5% the daily yield will be tiny. Also worth considering is how frequently yearn harvests yield and distributes. Which may not be daily.

      1. Hi Lark, it is me again.
        Its been over a week now with yearn finance. For a week, my yield is only 0.57$ while the same amount on Celsius gives me around 8-9$ and their yield is 6.2%.
        So either they harvest extremely frequently or numbers are not matching (food for thought) 😀