Premium Investor Report #303


Gm friends,

I've made a lot of moves in my portfolio this week with the intent of being better positioned in AI. Hopefully it's the right call!

We've also got a great deep dive into an up and coming crypto game that shouldn't be overlooked.

And as usual, Sam has the top 3 NFT drops.

Let's go!

For any crypto related questions please comment on the website. 


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Buys and Sells 

I bought more MXM. Lots of upcoming catalysts that could move the needle. 

I bought more JUP this week.

Jup I still think has real potential with everything happening on Solana right now. Jupiter literally even beat Uniswap in dex volume the other day, at like 1/10th the market cap. Plus it has perpetual swaps and a launchpad.

Could be spectacularly wrong and

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  1. Lark, good move getting into more AI… Just a question around your STONE to ETH move, where you mentioned you sold your STONE for ETH, taking a small loss. Right now there is a .03 ETH loss on the 1:1 conversion – Did you convert all of your STONE back to ETH? (that must have been a big loss considering how much ETH you bridged to Manta for the airdrop) – Manta are swapping STONE to ETH at 1:1 on the 26th March, any reason you didn’t wait for that event to get a pure 1:1 ration on swap?

    1. Yes, I converted it all back. I guess I just wasn’t thinking hard enough about it or didn’t care enough to wait until the 26th. I needed to sell some to pay back my loan, and I needed to withdraw some to ape into puff, but I probably could have just left half of it there and put it in zerolend. So, yeah slight mistake I suppose, but not a big deal either.

  2. Hi Lark, I’m looking to get into some presales for new projects but am unsure where to start. Are there many presale opportunities these days or do projects just do airdrops instead? Also do you know how much (approximately) someone might need to enter something like that? eg. could it be done with $2000-3000 or do they typically require a higher initial investment? Cheers

    1. There are still lots of presale opportunities out there. They are hard to get into but check out launchpads like Ape Terminal and centralized exchanges like Coinlist.

          1. The presale opportunities – you said they were hard to get into. Eg. Are there a limited number of spots and lots of people trying to get in? or are there other factors that make them difficult to get into?

          2. For the average person it is hard because they are not offered except via launchpads like ape terminal which has lottery system with a low chance of winning