Premium Investor Report #309


Gm friends,

We're back with another Premium Investor Report and this one's juicy because Jesse has a list of altcoin gems on Base Network that you need to take a look at.

Let's go!

Here's what's in today's issue:

  • My portfolio updates.
  • Jesse has a deep dive on the top 3 Base Network low cap altcoin gems.
  • Sam has the top 3 NFT drops.

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Buys and Sells 

I have finished selling my Arbitrum bag. I sold at a slight profit, so not a loss here. But, considering the muted performance, I am moving my money elsewhere. The market can now moon ARB hard to punish me for my impatience. 

EGLD bags still have not hit $70, so waiting… for now… might just sell sooner if I see something I want to ape into. Decent chance this will happen. I have removed it from the portfolio for the moment since it will likely be cut very soon. 

I bought

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  1. OK guys I have been a subscriber for a while and due to life issues have not been able to dig in much. Things have changed and now spending more time starting with this issue.
    Questions: I am trying to see how to best use this News Letter. I started with the ALTCOIN REPORT and I am interested in BASE so this is good. Upon checking out Grand Base and Extra Finance I would be interested in investing in these. Upon looking at the price they have already made big moves so do not want to chase them. I did a search for both of these in the Crypto Library and only found one article a while back referencing Extra Finance. The VALUE I NEED, is for the ALTCOIN REPORT to alert me long before the price has pumped. I’m trying to set my expectations for what to expect out of this letter. PLEASE RESPOND! I have sent a question like this in before and have not yet heard back.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Michael, we do our best to try and inform you early about new or upcoming coins. With thousands of coins we won’t always talk about the one you want at the time you want. Both the coins you mentioned grand base and extra finance are still low cap coins with 30 million dollar market caps. Still feels early if you think that BASE will grow bigger. We generally don’t even talk about stuff with much lower market caps because the risk tends to be so high. Hope that helps explain it for you.

  2. Whoohoo I made my first trade on Definitive and am connected with their Telegram group. Very cool people and experience! I will be following this project closely.

  3. Hi Folks,
    The Base/Definitive tutorial is great thank you very much! It is the direct route that I was looking for after sifting through info which mostly instructed the user to start at Coinbase to buy eth and then bridge to base with that. Is there any advantage to being on Coinbase in any regard other than the double edge sword of their liquidity/user base?

  4. I’m a little bit lost. Why are we doing those trades on Definitive back and forth? Has there been a rumour of an airdrop based on # of transactions made or something? Are there points somewhere being accrued for us doing these trades back & forth? What did I miss as to the purpose 😛

  5. Hi Lark, Sorry still a newbie here but learning lots from you, thanks! What’s the difference between Definitive and say Kyberswap. What I mean is i’ve bought Benji through Kyber and it shows in my Metamask wallet, however Extra that I bought through Definitive does not. I realise that we need to mint our Base wallet for Definitive, what does that actually mean? It’s a seperate wallet?
    What’s the best way to track this? it’s easy to forget about the coins kept on Definitive because it doesn’t show in your Metamask Wallet? Sorry for the newbie question

    1. Hi, when you are buying on chain the assets do not stay on Kyber or anyother site like Deifinitive. They are in your wallet but they don’t always show up, which is annoying…
      Go to Metamask – Tokens tab
      Click on import tokens at the bottom
      Copy and paste this contract code
      Which I got here

      Enter the contract code when prompted, this will allow the tokens to show up in your wallet.

      Let me know if that worked.

      1. HI Lark,
        Hmmm, no. When depositing for example ETH into Definitive, ETH reduces from Metamask wallet in the base network, and doesn’t reappear. Similar to the Extra above. Even after adding the Extra token to Metamask, it doesn’t show what the “portfolio” tab in Definitive shows. Is Definitive holding it in a different wallet or something?

        1. Ahhh, I see your problem.

          Kyber works by swapping assets from your wallet and then putting them back into your wallet.
          Definitive is more designed for trading, so you deposit an asset into their vault, and then trade gasless as much as you want.

          The fix to your problem, I think is super easy. You need to click on withdraw in Definitive, and withdraw the assets from Definitive back to your metamask wallet.

          Try that and then let me know