Premium Investor Report #305


Gm friends,

Welcome to the end of the week and another Premium Investor Report, where we deliver crypto alpha like clockwork.

Let's go!

Here's what's in today's issue:

  • My portfolio updates.
  • Jesse has a deep dive on Golem Network.
  • Sam has the top 3 NFT drops.

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Buys and Sells 

I claimed my PUFF. Holding for now. I think this has some room to run during the quests. If you held METH on Feb 11 then you can also claim. 

But, I didn’t stop there. I also sent a few ETH over to Mantle to buy even more PUFF. Feels like not fading Bybit and the Mantle team who are directly backing this is a good idea. 

I claimed my Nibiru tokens from my venture investment. This was a bit of a crazy investment, it immediately shot up to become the #3 coin in my portfolio. Wow.

Anyway, I am holding it for now. Aside

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  1. Where is the right place to ask questions? I keep seeing you mention to use your website but I’m not sure where? Or maybe this area of the comments for each article, not sure. Thanks!
    I want to ask you a simple question about rotating my coins to reduce the number of coins I’m in.

    1. This is the right place. Also we are launching a discord soon so stay tuned.

      Regarding coin rotation: it can make sense if the coins are Dino coins or failing to get hype and capture value. Be careful not to run from hot narrative to hot narrative, buying tops and taking constant losses.

      1. Thanks for your response Lark. Yes, I’m mostly thinking that I have too many projects, mostly small amounts (e.g. $1 to $2K) across various narratives, AI, Gaming, Defi, L1, L2. I’m doing well but I’ve heard people from past bull runs say they wished they had consolidated into the blue chips instead of spreading out their funds across many projects. They believe they would have actually gotten more profit from the large caps.

        1. Big caps will do just fine. Depends on your goals. Mid caps offer a pretty good risk reward imo. But you don’t need 30 coins. You can do well with quite a few less.

      2. BTW, my total crypto portfolio is currently approach $70K in value. This is one of 3 portfolios, the other 2 are long term, inside Roth IRA/IRA accounts holding primarily BTC. I don’t touch those.

      3. Hey Lark, another great post.

        I would love to contribute as a community member for your discord when you open it. I’ve been a moderator and ambassador on several projects, including working directly with the developer of Syscoin on a few.

        I look forward to engaging with this community more.

  2. Hi Lark,
    i guess I am still a little slow and underpractised with the whole airdrop thing…, so pls be patient…
    One example of when think I am in a deadlock e.g. is the thing with the code for free NFT booster from Planet Mojo. Couldn’t find where on i might use your codes!? or ist that all gone yet.
    More generally put – for beginners like me some times links might help? Or have i just missed some basic understanding yet?

    1. Hey, beyond a brief mention we have not said much as last I checked not that much has been announced.

      You can search by going to crypto library and typing in the search bar