Beefy Finance Strategy: Earning Up To 47% APY Auto-Compounding Pendle ETH LP Yield

Pendle ETH LP

Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned.

This week, we cover a strategy recently tweeted by the team at Silo Finance for an auto-compounding Beefy vault! Previously in Wealth Mastery, we have covered the following protocols:

  • Silo Finance - isolated lending markets on Ethereum and Arbitrum
  • Pendle - yield tokenization, points speculation, and fixed lending
  • Equilibria - yield boosting for Pendle LP rewards
  • Beefy - multichain yield optimizer across 27 chains

Combining all this knowledge, let’s explore a new strategy for a Pendle LP comprised of ETH lent on Silo, boosted on Equilibria, and auto-compounding the yield into the LP via Beefy.

Pendle Beefy Finance Vault

Source: Tweet by Silo Finance

Today, let’s get right into the tutorial and cover how I can start earning an estimated 47% APY with this four-part automated yield farming strategy for ETH, on Arbitrum.

How to Earn Up To 47% APY with an ETH Pendle Beefy Vault

Pendle Beefy Finance Vault

Before we get started, please be aware of these risks. 

  • Smart contract risk in Silo, Pendle, Equilibria, and Beefy
  • Front-end spoof attack on any app frontend
  • Oracle risks
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  1. THis sounds interesting, but I can’t find any info in the library on Silo Finance. If you didn’t have any ETH on ARB, how would you use Silo to do so?

    1. There are many ways to get ETH onto Arbitrum. Withdrawing from a supported exchange is nice. Otherwise use a bridge like the offical ARB brodge, or a third party like Rhino or Jumper.

      1. Ahh yep. But Defi_Dad mentioned skipping using SILO because he already had Eth on ARB. So if he didn’t how would he have used Silo to get ETH onto Arb? LIke you mentioned, can use other bridges etc, but not sure why he mentioned skipping Silo because it was already there, that’s all?

        1. Defi Dad said: Yeah basically you can go direct to Pendle
          Pendle lets you zap in with ETH into the LP
          Which is why I said “skipping Silo”
          Does that make sense?
          You don’t need the Silo lent ETH cuz Pendle Zaps save you a step