Top 6 Female NFTs

Female NFTs

There are a lot of PFP collections out there, of varying degrees of quality, and if you’re looking for something wildlife-related then you can take your pick from apes, llamas, geckos, and pretty much any other animal that comes to mind.

Although it’s by no means always the case, what you may often find is that the PFPs you come across, whether animal, human, alien, or something else, tend to be predominantly male. If you want to pick up a female PFP then you might need to dig a little deeper, so here are some collections which depict female characters.

<h2 id=”1.-flower-girls”>1. Flower Girls

Female NFT

These are elegant fine art collectibles that went on sale last December. Designed by illustrator Varvara Alay, it’s a striking collection, and part of the profits goes to children’s charities. They publicly minted at 0.05 ETH, and you can still pick one up for less than 1 ETH on secondary.

However, the collection just received attention from high profile actress America Ferrera, who’s displaying one as a hexagonal PFP, so it could now take off even more and prices might shift.

<h2 id=”2.-crypto-coven”>2. Crypto Coven

Fashion NFT

One for the occultists, this 9,999 piece collection resides in a carefully imagined tech-paranormal world, with its own lore, archetypes, and spooky music. Originally minting to the public at 0.07 ETH, you can now scoop one for a little over 2 ETH.

Crypto Coven describes itself as “an immersive, narrative-driven experiment in world-building”, and has a unique, niche character, so there’s the definite potential for interesting future developments.

<h2 id=”3.-project-2090″>3. Project 2090

Female NFT

A fresh, cyberpunk-style mint on Cardano, with clean artwork and plenty of Twitter engagement and Discord activity. It’s been hinted that there’ll be some kind of further event in March, mention of something called The Forbidden Virus airdrop, and there are plans to develop 3D avatars.

There are 5,555 NFTs, which minted at 38 ADA and are obtainable now on secondary from around 75 ADA.

<h2 id=”4.-hunnys”>4. Hunnys

Femal NFT

A 10,000 item collection, which has just released plans indicating further development is in the pipeline. This one is currently selling from 0.038 ETH on OpenSea, which is lower than the mint price of 0.05 ETH, so if you like the artwork or believe it has longer-term potential, then it’s currently at a discount.

5/6. The Two Biggest Female NFT Projects

Mention must also go to perhaps the two most well-known projects that make a point of being focused on women, not just in their content, but also at an organizational level.

These are World of Women and Boss Beauties, so keep them on your radar if this is an aspect of NFTs and crypto that you’re interested in. In that case, you’ll also want to keep up with Yam Karkai, the artist who co-founded World of Women, and Lisa Mayer, who founded Boss Beauties.

Hopefully this helped spotlight some great NFT collections and helps you in your journey to find a female PFP project that resonates with you!

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