Top 7 NFT Collections

Everyone is looking for the best NFT collections. NFT fomo continues to heat up with people literally buying NFT pictures of rocks for hundreds of thousands of dollars. There has also been a flood of knock-off NFT projects like Fast Food Punks, which is basically Crypto Punks with McDonald’s hats. The rush to cash in on NFT is big right now. We are starting to see NFT rug pulls, scams, intense speculation, garbage copy and paste projects, and even the euphoria is getting so high that Open Sea has crashed a few times!

That being said, new collections are popping up all the time, and NFTs are not going anywhere, even if the market is getting a bit overheated, there is a lot of opportunity here. So here are a few collections that you may want to look at if you are chasing the NFT hype train.

1. ON1 Force

best nft collection

ON1 Force are hand-drawn anime style avatars. Minimum price is currently around 4 ETH. IF – and this is a big IF – they pull a Bored Ape Yacht Club kind of run, then there could be some opportunity here.

2. Meebits

best nft

I still feel like Meebits are a mispriced opportunity right now. Literally, from the same team who created crypto punks but with better art and a dramatically lower price floor.

3. The Currency

best nft

Well-known artist Damien Hirst has released a series of NFTs that are backed one for one by real art pieces. They are called “The Currency“. What is interesting is that you can actually redeem your NFT for a real art work by Damien. Doing so, of course, burns your NFT.

4. Art Blocks Playground

best nft

Art Blocks Playground Rinascita collection has some really amazing pieces! Been trying to snipe one of these at a good price.

5. Deep Black

best nft

For those of you looking for something totally weird. Deep Black is a collection of 3,000 art pieces which were created by artificial intelligence. Answering the age-old question that robots do not dream of electric sheep, but instead of blurry night terrors.

6. Loot

best nft

The newest how thing sweeping the NFT verse is called Loot. Which is a vaguely RPG themed NFT consisting of nothing more than a list of items on a black background. The concept is to build a bottom-up community-driven launch. Therefore, it is up to the community to deliver value to this and do something with some very basic ingredients. The minimum price for these are now around $20,000. This is either genius or insanity. I am sitting it out.

7. Anna Carreras

best nft

A new Art Blocks set called Trossets by an artist named Anna Carreras will give live for minting on Friday, September 3rd at 11am CT. It is being sold as a bonding curve starting at 15 ETH.

Final Thoughts

As always, the NFT market is massively risky and liquidity for your future sales are uncertain. Be aware of the risks before putting any money into the NFT market.

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