Akash Network Report by Jesse

Hope everyone is enjoying the slow crawl back to a 60K Bitcoin. This week saw Matic Network get some great 100% gains for its recent rebrand to Polygon Technologies. With Pirate Chain and Waves (can’t make this stuff up folks) giving holders a nice 70%+ bump as well. Surprisingly to me when looking back, we haven’t discussed much of any cloud computing service providers developing in the space at the moment. So with the intention of changing that, today we’ll be looking at a new protocol launched last year by utilizing the Cosmos blockchain called Akash Network.


The Akash Network is a secure, transparent, and decentralized cloud computing marketplace that connects those who need computing resources (clients) with those that have the capacity to sell (providers). Known as "DeCloud", Akash acts as a serverless super cloud by providing a unified layer on top of existing providers in the marketplace. Creating a singular cloud-based platform, regardless of the specific provider being used. Clients can be drawn into Akash because of its cost advantage, usability, and flexibility to move between providers. With extra performance benefits in relation to global deployments. Providers use Akash because it allows them to earn profits by selling dedicated or unused capacity. The primary driver for cloud adoption is the promise of flexibility and cost advantage, but the reality is that the products offered by current cloud providers are overpriced, complicated, and lock clients into ecosystems that limit their ability to innovate, compete, and have sovereignty over their infrastructure needs. The difference in capital expenditure of purchasing hardware and leasing data centers and running the cloud on-premise is

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