Mantra – The UnReal World Asset Network


Mantra DAO has recently rebranded to Mantra, The UnReal World Asset Network. Or RWA if you are savvy. I say this because even though this transition began years ago, Mantra hasn’t secured a single property or launched a blockchain. As the RWA narrative has grown in popularity over the past few years and Blackrock announcing its intent to lock up more than $10 Trillion worth of assets on the blockchain. It makes it hard to know who's here for the tech and who's desperately hoping to give good ol Larry Fink a reach around. Let's find out which camp Mantra subscribes to.

If you'd like to start at the beginning of Mantra’s journey, you’re welcome to catch up by reading my original 2020 Mantra DAO report. However, it’s not a requirement as the project's already nuked all previous ambitions for the DAO. That is except for one portion that we'll get into a bit later in the article.

For now, all you really need to know is that Mantra started on Polkadot as a DAO, deployed questionable marketing strategies, launched egregious tokenomics, and eventually failed miserably. Making today's report more of a cautionary tale for those who still believe everything VCs post on Twitter (X).

What is Mantra?

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Mantra is the reimagination of Mantra DAO. A pivot into the world of securing physical assets like houses, cars, and securities in the digital space. Mantra wants to become the first Layer 1 to specialize in catering to this new marketplace. Offering a place for

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