Certik Report by Jesse

Select altcoins gained some major traction this week. With Voyager, Curve DAO, IOST, Avalanche, and Polkadot getting the 7 day 100%+ treatment. As more and more coins get moved to the spotlight, we get a slight feeling that it could be the beginning of altcoin season. While quality projects are getting more attention, the board hasn’t turned completely green yet. With plenty of time to keep packing our bags and dollar-cost averaging into small and mid-cap gems. This week is a project that checks off a lot of the boxes we look for in low-cap assets. Released on Binance Launchpad late last year and still flying well below the hype radar is smart contract auditing enterprise services CertiK.


The CertiK platform is now the very first decentralized verification framework developed for building trustworthy smart contacts and blockchain ecosystems. Different from traditional testing approaches to detect bugs by private firms, the CertiK platform mathematically proves that blockchain ecosystems are bug-free and makes all information publicly available. Securing the crypto space is like a game of cops and robbers. As developers mature in figuring out ways to protect themselves from known attacks, the attackers keep finding different ways to steal. We’re no strangers to the constant Defi rug pulls happening on an almost daily basis this last year. Elaborately executed pump and dump schemes that have left even the savviest of investors empty-handed. CertiK wants to help fix this trend by providing provable trust for all. In the true spirit of blockchain, Certik feels that users should have access to on-chain, decentralized security intelligence that is immediately accessible to anybody at all times. To become a multi-faceted security solution for blockchain CertiK is utilizing Security Oracles, Reimbursement Shields,

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