Ethlas – Building the Future of Crypto Gaming


Between the Memecoins and AI trends currently in the crypto spotlight, gaming is on the verge of some major breakthroughs with blockchain technology. With Ethlas dedicated to building the future of crypto gaming they've been the ones to watch over the past few weeks rising to be one of the fastest-growing crypto games this year. This makes it the perfect time to look at what Ethlas is doing to improve the gaming landscape.

It’s no surprise that many of the blockchain games released so far have been, well, underwhelming.

Try as they might, there are only a few products that have teased their ability to create well-developed and robust AAA gaming titles. However, even these projects are taking more time than expected to release.

Ethlas released its Battle Showdown Game almost a year ago on Apple and Android devices and their approach differs vastly from the competition.

Instead of launching a useless token while they build a game, Ethlas decided to launch a completely customizable game in collaboration with the ELS token. A welcomed new strategy for blockchain gaming design.

What is Ethlas?

Battle Showdown Art
Source: Ethlas

Created in 2021, Ethlas began as a Web3-focused gaming and development company.

Launching their Pizza Empire, Battle Showdown, and Virtual pet Sim Komo Valley earned them more than 1 million unique users within the first 90 days of launch. This has a lot to do with Ethlas Founders' previous experience working for the best tech startups in Silicon

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