Frax L2 Airdrop Strategy: How to Earn FXTL Points

Frax L2

Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned.

This week, we cover the launch of Frax’s anticipated L2, Fraxtal and how to earn an airdrop of FXTL points based on a snapshot taken on March 6th at 11:59 pm UTC.

These FXTL points are expected to convert eventually to a tradable token, such as the Frax value-accruing token FXS. For those who stake FXS after the snapshot, they can still qualify for earning fees.

Built by the reputable team and community behind DeFi super-protocol Frax Finance, Fraxtal is a modular rollup blockchain with a "fractal scaling" roadmap. It is also appropriate to refer to Fraxtal as an Ethereum L2. Fraxtal has a number of both common and novel features:

  • Fraxtal is an EVM rollup utilizing the OP stack, meaning deploying applications is as fast, secure, and cheap as the experience on top Ethereum rollups such as Optimism and Base.
  • Fraxtal is a modular rollup, meaning it will have multiple components and middleware for other chains and L2s to use, connect to, deploy L3s, and build on top of. What’s most interesting is Fraxtal uses a separate data availability (DA) module developed by the Frax Core Team.
  • Fraxtal is the first chain to offer blockspace incentives called Flox, which are block-by-block rewards based on usage of the chain. Accounts and smart contracts that use specific dapps on Fraxtal will be rewarded with FXTL points based on the Flox Algorithm.
  • Each weekly epoch starting March 6th, users who spend gas and developers that deploy contracts where gas is spent earn FXTL points

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    1. I don’t know 😉

      That being said, I think both are solid and have good potential. As I always say don’t focus on the number but the market conditions. I do think that jup could hit as high as like $20 though personally and ilv could hit new highs, but keep in mind that a lot new coins have hit the market and that the current market cap is close to the previous high.