HMX Exchange: Reinventing Capital Efficiency

hmx exchange

As the title would suggest, HMX exchange is already reinventing capital efficiency with its new Perpetual Cross-Margin Derivatives Exchange. Releasing its HMX token less than a few weeks ago, HMX is quickly grabbing the crypto communities attention after recently launching its protocol on Arbitrum. Flying past Linear and Vela, HMX has already become the 7th largest and fastest-growing Derivative market on Arbitrum. With all our hands bloodied by the market this past week, one of the few protocols seemingly not affected at all is HMX. After discussing the HMX Token drop earlier this month in our weekly Airdrop report. This week we’ll dive deeper into the new HMX project and see if it has what’s needed to continue capturing new users’ liquidity as it cozies up closer to GMX. (What is GMX Exchange?)

Derivatives are still a bit of a mystery for most investors in the crypto space. The market is still only a couple of years old and seems to have hit a small impasse.

Caught in between the seemingly infinite Layer 2 launches, derivatives are still a long way away from reaching their final form. That’s because, in crypto, investors care less about exposure to an underlying asset and more about ownership of that asset, making derivatives an almost foreign concept to seasoned crypto veterans.

But, this new market isn’t here just for the usual blockchain aficionado, it’s preparing for the influx of legacy investors that are all too familiar with this type of investment vehicle. Getting in early and carving out a place in your portfolio for derivatives like HMX gets increasingly more important as this market evolves.

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