Is Jupiter Exchange A Top-Tier Project?

Jupiter Exchange

Solana’s Total Value Locked just crossed the $2 Billion mark for the first time since 2022. This has prompted more community members to look deeper at its ecosystem and ask, “Is Jupiter Exchange a top-tier project”? As the most used DEX-Aggregator on Solana, there’s a lot of hope riding on the future of Jupiter. Airdropping more than $700 Million in JUP tokens to platform users. It’s time to discuss what Jupiter has to offer current and future token holders.

There’s a bit of confusion when it comes to what Jupiter actually does. With even more confusion surrounding calling Jupiter an Exchange. That’s because until recently, Jupiter never held any assets directly on its protocol.

This is something that differs wildly from Ethereum’s Uniswap Exchange where users lock up their tokens to earn a portion of fees on each swap. Whereas Jupiter aggregates and checks the entire Solana network for available on-chain liquidity.

This means that any comparison between the two will always be ill-fated. This is something you’ll need to keep in mind as we review Jupiter in its current form.

What is Jupiter Exchange?

Starting as a simple aggregator, Jupiter allows millions of Solana users to easily find the best possible price for their token trades.

Tapping into the combined liquidity of DEXs like Orca, Meteora, Raydium, Marinade, Sanctum, and Aldrin, Jupiter helps boost the ease of access to Solana SPL tokens. Especially for those in restricted areas who couldn't use these DEX’s services due to geo-restrictions. 


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