Mantle L2 Airdrop Strategy: How to Farm for an MNT Airdrop

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Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned and remember, there is no guarantee that Mantle, FusionX, or Timeswap will reward users with an airdrop.

Similar to DeFi Summer 2020, we’re on the precipice of a new exciting lead into the next crypto bull run, with loads of innovation yielding transformational new protocols, applications, and infrastructure. One major emerging sector of DeFi is the launch and growth of L2s–Mantle being one of them.

The long awaited Mantle Mainnet launched on Monday. Mantle is self-described as “a new high-performance Ethereum L2 built with modular architecture that combines an optimistic rollup protocol with an innovative data availability solution.” Once fully implemented, Mantle will inherit security from Ethereum while offering cheaper fees and more accessible data availability.

Earlier this year on May 19 2023, BitDAO passed a proposal to merge BitDAO with the Mantle ecosystem “to position Mantle as the unified ecosystem brand with a product focus.” This proposal, passed by BIT holders, authorizes a token conversion plan from BIT to MNT, thereby simplifying tokenomics for “a fresh start for the Mantle Network Mainnet.”

Since going live on January 10, 2023, Mantle Testnet reports having supported 14 million on-chain transactions, 140,000+ smart contracts deployed, and 690,000+ unique wallet addresses. While 86 dApps are listed here as building and testing on Mantle Testnet, this recent Mantle Mainnet Alpha launch is just the start of early builders going live with projects related to DeFi, infrastructure, gaming, social, and the Metaverse.

The most unique feature about their new Ethereum L2 is the

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