What is Ronin Blockchain?

Ronin Blockchain

It's likely that you’ve already heard about this not-so-new network and its plans to create the largest gaming world in crypto. But, What is Ronin Blockchain? As the makers of the largest blockchain game ever made, Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis launched the Ronin Blockchain at the beginning of 2022 to accommodate the massive amount of transactions happening on Axie Infinity. Today the chain has grown to house 6 games currently in production. However, only a few of these games have any players. This begs the question, can Ronin keep up with the rest of the gaming world? Or has everyone already forgotten about it?

With the growth of Axie Infinity there’s no denying Mavis can do things right.

Offering a unique pay-to-earn opportunity that hasn’t been seen in crypto since, Axie remains the biggest Binance Launchpad project in history.

With years of gaming experience under their belt, the natural move was to launch their own network to accommodate the growing player base.

However, as many Axie players will tell you, the launch of Ronin was a day later and a dollar short in the world of Axie. With the saturation rate of Axie’s getting out of control, the requirements for having a native chain the game could live on became the least of SkyMavis’s problems.

So today we’ll look at what’s next for Ronin and whether it recover from the disastrous events of 2022.

What is Ronin Blockchain?

Scaling Axie Infinity
Source: Axie Infinity

With the

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