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NEAR Protocol is a proof-of-stake blockchain that operates as a smart contract platform. It’s fast and cheap, but key to a network’s success is having developers building, and plenty of activity. 

The NEAR Protocol NFT community has been creating some of that action, and is worth taking a look around. There’s plenty of value and potential to be found in the early days of a creative space while it’s still taking shape, and NEAR has some talented artists and builders at work.

Currency and Wallets

The native token of NEAR Protocol is NEAR, and it’s been trading recently at around $3.30, down significantly (like the whole of crypto) from an all-time high of over $20. Where altcoins are heading short-term is difficult to predict with any certainty, but NEAR can be expected to make gains again when the crypto markets eventually pick up. At current prices, it’s a decent time to buy in cheaply and explore an alternative NFT space.

When it comes to wallets, NEAR Wallet and Sender Wallet are easy to set up, and work for NFTs. Both are non-custodial, Sender Wallet is a browser extension (similar to MetaMask), while NEAR Wallet operates in-browser (as in, to access the wallet you open a web page, rather than opening an extension in the browser bar).

Of the two, NEAR Wallet is the standard, and will be compatible with every marketplace and tool, while connectivity for Sender Wallet is currently not always available.

NEAR Protocol NFT Marketplaces


Connect up a NEAR Wallet or Sender Wallet containing some NEAR, and you can immediately start buying here. In some ways it’s similar to OpenSea, but Paras also operates like a curated community hub for artists and collectors.

Featured artists can introduce their collections in detail, there’s a Paras Comic section, which publishes NFT comics, and there’s also a utility token, PARA, that can be staked and will be used for governance. Overall, it’s an original format that is creating its own approach.


This is an ambitious, well-constructed platform that connects with the NEAR Wallet, and has an easily-navigated marketplace. Mintbase has been developed with builders and creators in mind, facilitating smart contract deployment and allowing sellers to create their own stores.


Again, you’ll need a NEAR Wallet to connect to this marketplace, and having hooked yourself up, you can then click on the Market tab and start exploring. Be aware though, Apollo42 is a new marketplace, and still feels like a work in progress within a developing ecosystem.

Useful Resources for NEAR Protocol NFTs


NearTracker is a comprehensive project-tracking platform with lots of useful data and information about upcoming new launches. If you hold a Bullish Bulls NFT then you’ll get full pro-version access.


Track rarity and other data, and keep up-to-date with incoming drops on HowRare, which also operates a Solana version.


Satori is an NFT toolkit for creators and brands that makes it easy to mint and manage NFT collections. No coding is required, and a Shopify plug-in is being developed, which will allow for sales to be processed in USD.

Additional Tools

To keep on top of NFT news and development, NEAR NFT Club is a good place to check in, and for the wider NEAR ecosystem, including not only NFTs, Awesome NEAR and NEAR Daily are useful starting points.

NEAR Protocol NFT Collections and Projects

Antisocial Ape Club

near protocol

It’s an unwritten NFT law that every blockchain must have several simian-themed collections, of which one will become established as chief monkey, and on NEAR the leader of the troop is Antisocial Ape Club.

The project has built an NFT launchpad, also launched a fifteen piece collection of 1/1 Fabled Apes, and maintains an influential community within the NEAR ecosystem.

Mara NFT

NEAR Protocol NFTs | Collections, Wallets & Tools - - 2023

Mara NFT is the work of a French street artist, Mara, this project looks cool and crosses over with real life art, of both the indoor and outdoor varieties. There are GEN0 and GEN1 collections on NEAR (of which GEN0 are scarcer and more expensive), but it looks like the upcoming GEN2 will launch on Solana, adding utility across chains.

Secret Skellies Society


The Secret Skellies Society collection has its own token, called UTO, and created the Utopia Launchpad. The SSS ecosystem contains two main collections, Skellies and Grimms, and a collection of properties, Skullingham Estates.

The Skellies and Grimms collections originally each contained 777 items, but there are now fewer, due to a deflationary mechanism whereby NFTs have been bought back and burned.


NEAR Protocol NFTs | Collections, Wallets & Tools - - 2023

Another project with its own launchpad, NEARNauts is a collection of 7,777 NFTs that look very clean, and are now a firmly established part of NEAR’s NFT ecosystem. Alongside the original NFTs are the AstroPups companions, which were airdropped to NEARNauts holders in February, and–following in the footsteps of Bored Ape Yacht Club–mutant spinoffs are in the pipeline.

Mr. Brown

near protocol nft collections

An eccentric, original project by an artist named Lomakin, the Mr Brown collection stands out visually (although the style is not for everyone), doesn’t make any overblown claims about utility, and seems to be purely about design and collectability.

Tinker Union

near collections

If you’re looking for NFTs related to a team of motivated builders who are working hard in the NEAR space (within which there is a lot of opportunity to grow and develop), then Tinker Union may be of interest.

This project has built the Enleap Launchpad and is working on the Meteor Wallet. The Tinker Union ecosystem also has its own token, GEAR, which can be earned by staking its NFTs.

NEAR Protocol NFTs | Collections, Wallets & Tools - - 2023

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NEAR Protocol NFTs | Collections, Wallets & Tools - - 2023
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