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Education is everything in a world that’s constantly expanding its collective mind. It’s the reason why transitioning to a distributed ledger is so important. This week’s Wealth Mastery Altcoin Review will discuss the Open Campus Network and dive into the topic of Education on the Blockchain. For years we’ve seen the cost of attending college reach all-time highs, and not the kind we pray to the crypto gods for. Just 40 years ago it cost a honda civic to become a lawyer or doctor. But now, getting those degrees requires taking out a Lambo-sized loan. This cost of education is only expected to get worse. Open Campus proposes the idea of creating a virtually free education network through its EDU token. Allowing anyone to create and distribute educational curricula worldwide.

The harder education is to acquire, the worse off we all are. If you have the desire and will to seek higher knowledge you should be met with open doors. Not a lifelong debt. In the US, any debt acquired from college tuition is not dismissed during bankruptcy. Last year Biden proposed a forgiveness fund to dismiss up to $20,000 in student loans for qualified individuals. A process that has been held up in federal court for almost a year. Many individuals who don’t have student loans aren't too keen about having their tax dollars used for all those liberal arts degrees. 

College Cost Visualization
Source: Visual Capitalist

This has naturally caused a stalemate in discussions. But, the focus has shifted away from the real problem of education, access, and affordability. Outsourcing education to the blockchain with

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