The Best Crypto Memes

crypto memes

With the bear market in full swing, we need memes to ease the pain. Of course, we also like them during the frenzy of bull markets. And as a means of distraction during dull, sideways periods. We always crave memes. But we need them the most during bear markets.

Crypto memes are an asset on places like Twitter. As crypto bros and gals, we might not yet have seized the means of production – we have seized the Memes of Production! And yes, that’s a meme too and only partly a wordplay to everyone familiar with NFTs. After all, we have the technology to mint our memes these days (In principle. Is this already happening? I can’t help but wonder what if… what if the guy who coined the term HODL could have minted his invention and put it up for sale on OpenSea… and suppose he would have collected a commission every time his HODL NFT was sold. He would not even have had to hodl the meme to get rich. But I digress.)

Crypto memes make us laugh together, poke fun at each other or ourselves, nod in agreement together, or laugh-to-keep-from crying together. They form bonds within communities but are also used as weapons against other communities. Let’s kick off with the bear market memes.


The Best Crypto Bear Market Memes

Hide the pain Harold

By now, every crypto investor knows the pain of red candles, day after day, week after week. ‘Hide the pain Harold’ too knows this feeling all too well but manages to keep up the appearance of a happy camper. Except that his smile shows some cracks in the veneer…

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

First time?

This one is about the peculiar form of bonding (pun intended) that happens when the OG’s of the crypto market welcome a new generation of traders to the sorrows of a crypto crash. 

‘First time’? 

It’s a delicate blend of feelings: it’s the old guard wanting to console the rookies, while also needing comradery themselves: they too feel a sting, even though they are less beaten down than the fledgling hodlers they seek to comfort.

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

Buying the dip that keeps on dipping

The line Buy the dip existed in financial markets long before crypto. This lends credence to the adage but doesn’t take into account that crypto markets are prone to dip further than traditional markets. Part art, part science, buying the dip is also simply an act of bravery.

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

‘Only what you can afford to lose’

Before we got into crypto we were advised countless times by the non-financial advisers to only invest what we are able to afford to lose. We nodded politely and betted the farm. Right?

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024


Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy is leveraged long Bitcoin but is a good sport during downturns. The McDonald’s crypto meme comes in handy to alleviate worries from onlookers and fellow hodlers.

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

During the June 2022 crash, a more grim version of the McDonald’s meme surfaced. Against the backdrop of the famous fast food place, we see the victims of the bloodbath on the cross. We can only hope that the markets still have some kindness left, so that Mashinsky, Zhu Su and [unknown guy on the right] will still climb down and hand in their application letter to flip burgers.

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

The Best Bull Market Memes

Bull market memes unsurprisingly have a different vibe than the bear market ones. The theme here is not resignation but glee and being swollen with pride: ‘we’re all investment geniuses!’ Or, depending on your personality, it can be a religious fervor, verging on ascetic fanaticism. After all, why even bother owning lowly earthly goods when you could own a pristine asset like Bitcoin?

In it for the technology

You don’t have to know the difference between a hard fork and a soft fork to be considered an investment genius. But of course, you do know the difference. Right?

bull market memes

When you invest everything

Maybe it’s some sort of law of physics: as long as crypto moons, I can stay firmly grounded on my mattress. Provided, of course, I’m properly dressed for the occasion…


When it pumps the next day

In a bull market, you won’t shut up about crypto. Your friends will take notice and will be sucked into the vortex. This is all well and good in a bull market: your status as a genius investor will be envied, and you will command respect…

bitcoin meme

Me trying to HODL while an altcoin is pumping

Depending on their character, bitcoin maximalists will either lash out at alts that pump harder than bitcoin OR withdraw in their inner monastery of devotion. I feel the temptation, but I reject thee, lowly altcoin…

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

The life of a successful trader

Why even entertain a normie job when you make so much money trading? It all stems from the kindness of your heart. You want to give something back to society.

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

The Best Bitcoin vs Altcoins Memes

Feuds between crypto communities are the fiercest. Nowhere, people are more territorial. Maybe tragically, because the goals of financial independence are often shared. At least with memes, there is something to smile while arguing. Even though the smile can verge on hysterical laughter. That’s when bitcoiners use the Ray Liotta bitcoin-laser-eyes-laugh: on occasions where the opponent is so outlandishly foolish, that normal laughter is insufficient.

lazer eyes meme

Is it in the room with us?

Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, really everything besides Bitcoin is BS, according to maxis. But they can gently probe at the shitcoiner’s thoughts and liberate them from their delusions.

nft memes

ETH too is a shitcoin

Bitcoin maxis were the earliest meme-crafters and they are admittedly still some of the best. Laser eyes don’t stand in the way of a vile sense of humor, apparently…

eth memes

Peter Schiff and the stable gold price

Peter Schiff is a ‘gold bug’ who doesn’t get enough of predicting that BTC will go lower. Max Keiser pitched Bitcoin to him when it was still only a dollar and Schiff has since been claiming that Bitcoin would go to zero. He can’t help trolling Bitcoiners and they can’t help trolling back. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

Crypto Psychology Memes

The late night buy

Markets are driven by human psychology and that’s part good and part worrisome. It’s a fine line knowing when you should NOT follow the herd versus when the markets simply have proven you wrong. It can keep us up at night!


In line for high prices

It’s a sentiment that we can laugh about and meme about. But even the most battle-hardened hodlers will recognize it in themselves: the herd mentality. It’s hard to fight, except with a meme of course.

market memes

The IQ bell curve

This is quite a deep one. It pokes fun at the ‘normies’ in the middle of the curve. It suggests that overthinking, and ‘trying to be smart’ might be the wrong course of action. It’s probably better to bluntly observe: number go up! (left) or see the big picture (right).

blockchain memes

How to Join In

Manage your emotions by engaging in some memetics. As memes are image templates that can ‘mutate’ you can create one yourself. Do you want to share in the memes of production? Make your own on websites like Imgflip. Just upload a template and insert your text.

The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024

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The Best Crypto Memes - - 2024
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