Tokemak Report by Jesse

Surprisingly, last week’s project AUDIO has pushed its way into this week’s highest gainer spot with a 125% jump in price. Caused by an announcement that TikTok would be partnering with the project to develop a “TikTok Sounds” library, the project has been exploding. This new feature would allow Audius users to upload tracks directly to TikTok with an upcoming share feature. This week we’ll be looking at the newly released liquidity aggregator Tokemak.


Tokemak is focused on creating sustainable Defi liquidity and capital-efficient markets through a convenient and fully decentralized market-making protocol. Factors that Tokemak finds to be the most important in obtaining sustainable yield farming are democratically sourced, sustainably produced, capital-efficient, superfluid, and encourages a deep accumulation of assets to reduce slippage to zero. Believing that liquidity mining has been an invaluable resource and extremely successful in bootstrapping liquidity during the early stages of Defi’s short history. It was and is an important stepping stone for the movement, leading to an explosion of product creation and the onboarding of millions of users. Yet bootstrapping liquidity for a new project is currently too costly and inefficient. A tokamak (with an “a”) being a reactor used in nuclear fusion for the magnetic confinement of plasma. Inside a tokamak, gases are heated to the point that they ionize into plasma, and energy is produced through the fusion of atoms. The heat from this reaction is used to produce steam and generate sustainable energy/electricity. So Tokemak (with an “e”) has been architected to gather idle tokens in order to seamlessly generate and deploy sustainable liquidity. Each asset has its own token reactor, where the protocol token, TOKE (toe-kuh), is used to direct liquidity. The

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