Top 7 NFTs Under 0.5 ETH

NFTs under 0.5 eth

After several months of running around goblin town being savaged by bears, there are plenty of NFT bargains to be found. While there are no guarantees about what will happen when the market picks up (and the crypto landscape is looking a little brighter as we head into August 2022), here are some NFTs under 0.5 ETH that can be acquired to build your portfolio.

Ivy Boys


Image credits: BBRC Studios

The first NFTs under 0.5 ETH is the collection of Ivy Boys. Ivy Boys is a high-quality production by a well-known fashion designer, Aaron Chang. The sense I get with Ivy Boys is that had it launched earlier, it would have been a huge mint, but because it dropped when the market was turning bearish it was at a disadvantage.

Still though, without having really exploded, it minted out and has increased in value, with the current floor around 0.25 ETH. It’s stylish, professional and always active, and has the potential to grow significantly as a web3 fashion-focused brand, especially when enthusiasm returns to the market.

Adam Bomb Squad

under 0.5 ETH

Image credits: The Hundreds

Adam Bomb Squad (ABS) is the web3 extension of The Hundreds, a well known streetwear brand and media platform established in 2003. Supply was large at 25,000, but ABS minted out in 40 minutes back in the heady days of August 2021, with each NFT costing 0.1 ETH.

Floor prices went as high as 1.45 ETH in February 2022, but are now at 0.3 ETH. ABS looks like a decent hold because it’s attached to a forward-looking brand that fully comprehends the cultural transitions into web3 and the metaverse that may be coming. Also, the ABS drop was a memorable part of 2021’s wild NFT ride, and the collection has some historical significance.

Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition

top NFTs

Image credits: Ledger

One of the biggest names in crypto hardware is Ledger, whose hardware wallets are popular and secure. Now Ledger is bringing security to the NFT space with Ledger Market, a platform for safely minting and distributing NFTs.

This month’s first drop on Ledger Market was its own Ledger Market Pass Genesis Edition, which minted out quickly. It’s a utility NFT connected to a major crypto player, gives access to future drops and collaborations (plans include working with RTFKT, TAG Heuer, and Deadfellaz), and will allow holders to redeem a limited edition, all black Ledger Nano X.

At the time of writing, Market Pass prices are hovering around 0.5 ETH as interest in the project has grown.



Image credits: Sneakerheads

Another project that has not benefited from the timing of its launch (it minted in June, when crypto and NFT sentiment was rock bottom), Sneakerheads was allowlist only and minted out all 5,000 assets despite the poor market sentiment.

It’s a visually impressive, highly-detailed project revolving around sneaker culture, created by talented artist Ali Dawood, and with plans to integrate web3 and fashion. Currently, some NFTs of this collection sit at a floor of 0.2 ETH, if it continues to build out a brand then it could easily pick up interest as wider conditions improve.

The Art of Seasons

The Art of Seasons

Image credits: Daniel Isles

This is the work of artist Daniel Isles, known as Dirty Robot. Holders of The Art of Seasons (TAOS) NFTs were airdropped Renga Black Box NFTs in June, whereupon TAOS dropped in price, with the value transferring over to the Renga NFTs. Renga is by the same artist, but is a still-unrevealed character/PFP style collection.

The case for TAOS NFTs being undervalued is that along with being works of art in themselves, they could potentially have future utility in the TAOS/Renga ecosystem. And if Renga takes off, then TAOS–in a way the original collection–might gain value again in a space where well-made art is central. Keep in mind that Dirty Robot/TAOS/Renga have excellent engagement and are well-respected.

Karafuru has NFTs under 0.5 ETH too


Image credits: Karafuru

For some time this eye-catching drop looked like a big project. It accumulated a huge following, partnered with Atmos (a Japanese sneaker chain) and Hypebeast (the fashion and culture platform), and generally looked well on track.

However, Karafuru then seemed to get hit particularly hard by the bear market, and the floor has dropped from a high approaching 3 ETH back in April, to just over 0.3 ETH now. Momentum has been lost, but crypto can turn around quickly, and Karafuru still has a good base from which to develop as a web3 brand.



Image credits: Solsunsets

A Solana project dating back to November 2021 that always seems just on the edge of achieving wider recognition. It features deeply nostalgic pixel art, no pretensions, and its NFTs–which are all about visuals and vibes–each come in square and banner format, with the banners being particularly impressive.

Solsunsets have quietly maintained value through market ups and downs without ever wildly taking off, and if you like the style, they could be worth picking up at a current floor price of around 0.8 SOL.

Other Projects with NFTs under 0.5 ETH


Image credits: Goopdoods

There are many other inexpensive NFTs that have character and upbeat communities and are under 0.5 ETH. No-one can say for sure which, if any, will survive or thrive, but some have the potential to either build out brands, or just go on a nostalgia-fuelled future tear that you can sell into. Take a look at Cryptomories, Alien Frens, 3Landers, Goopdoods, and Cosmodinos.

Over on Cardano, Zombits is an OG project that seemed down-and-out, transferred ownership, and recently came back from the dead with plans for a game. Pavia is Cardano’s major metaverse project, and its land and native token are both relatively cheap while development has been ongoing. Also, check Metapxlz, the side collection from Deadpxlz, one of the top projects on Cardano. If Deadpxlz goes on a run, then Metapxlz will head upwards too.

Top 7 NFTs Under 0.5 ETH - - 2024

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Top 7 NFTs Under 0.5 ETH - - 2024
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