What is AltLayer?


Not to be overshadowed by all the amazing airdrops this month. We have the official release of the AltLayer project. Distributing more than $100 Million in tokens to the community this week. I hope you paid attention last May when given the tools to participate in the AltLayer Sepolia Testnet. Now it’s time to discuss in more detail, What is AltLayer? Is your airdrop worth holding long-term?

AltLayer is the latest rollup service that’s gained enough attention from the community to make an impact on the space.

Through their partnership with EigenLayer, AltLayer has integrated with all the major staking-as-a-service providers, enabling AltLayer to improve security, interoperability, and decentralization across the board.

The biggest appeal of its services is that it allows developers to launch application-specific rollups without needing to maintain a codebase or operate a node. Learn more about Layer2's and Rollups

What is AltLayer?

AltLayer Rollup as a Service
Source: AltLayer

Let’s start by discussing the basics of what a rollup is. Simply put a rollup is a more technical way of saying Layer2.

Rollups allow networks like Ethereum to offload data to a separate layer and help alleviate congestion on the main chain. The development of rollups is so powerful that it’s completely changed the future of Ethereum.

Prior to the rollout of rollups, many believed the only way to scale Ethereum was by splitting up the network into smaller blockchains. A process referred to as

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