What is BitDAO? – The Future of Crypto Governance

What is BitDAO

What is BitDAO? Could it be the future of crypto governance? That’s the topic of today's Wealth Mastery Altcoin Review. BitDAO is changing in 2023 by deploying its very own Layer 2 network, Mantle. This is important not only to BitDAO but to the entire cryptocurrency space. As one of the largest Decentralized Autonomous Organizations “What is a DAO? building a decentralized token economy, BitDAO holds close to $4 Billion in blockchain assets. Putting BitDAO only slightly below Uniswap in Total Value Locked on its network. Something that is currently being overlooked by the entire crypto community. As BitDAO slowly morphs into the Mantle Network, this will enable even more money to flow into its economy. To put this transition into perspective, Mantle Network will launch with twice the value locked as Arbitrum and four times the current amount invested in Polygon. Like, Woah!

Governance in the cryptocurrency space is a really big deal. With so many projects floating around, there’s an entire community, for better or worse, attached to each one. That’s a lot of people with a lot of opinions on how a project should be managed. We all get attached to the things we own. When that “thing” happens to be a financial investment, expect interesting results. This is where a DAO comes into the picture. Learn about “How DAOs Revolutionize the Way We Work.” They afford every token holder the luxury of having their voice heard through the magic of on-chain voting, which is why we call it “Voting Power”. It empowers anyone in the world to participate in the decentralized decision-making process. BitDAO is the home to one of the largest examples of how DAOs work.

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