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Stargate Finance

In this week's Wealth Mastery Coin Review, we’ll discuss the following topics about Stargate Finance. 

  1. What is Stargate Finance?
    • Stargate Transfers
    • Stargate Pools
    • Stargate Farming
  2. What is Stargate used for?
  3. What is an STG coin?
  4. How to buy Stargate Finance coins?
    • How to buy STG using Binance?
    • How to buy STG using Coinbase?
    • How to buy STG using FTX?
  5. Is STG a good investment?

What is Stargate Finance?

Stargate Finance has labeled itself a “community-driven” organization, building blockchain's first fully composable asset bridge. Stargate is the first protocol to use LayerZero technology, an Omni-chain interoperable protocol. Essentially LayerZero ensures valid transfers by requiring independent Oracles and Relayers to complete the transaction. This allows trustless transactions across any network, with LayerZero acting as the trustless middleman. LayerZero can provide this process to Stargate by relying on independent sources. By creating endpoints on each network, Stargate can operate its own Layer 2 (What are Layer-2’s) protocol on top of each network with an endpoint installed. This allows users to move assets from one Stargate endpoint to another network stargate endpoint without all the wrapping and unwrapping that usually comes with bridging transactions across different networks. Making it possible to send from one network to another in a single transaction as opposed to the multiple transactions required in the standard method of bridging assets across blockchains. While the name Stargate has a nice ring to it. This gate works the same as a bridge, with fewer steps. Stargate Finance has managed to design a tool that transfers a limited number of assets across multiple networks incredibly well.

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